Cannibal the Musical


Ahh Cannibal, how do I love the? O.k. I will start this review by saying two things, one, this is one of the very few movies that have ever received a 10/10 from me; and two, if you are the type of person that sees a movie with preconceived notions about it because of people involved with it and their other projects, stop reading I do not wish for you to bask in my insight.

If I have to tolerate one more person saying “I saw this movie because I love South Park”, I am going to start eating people and singing songs.

Above all else this is a Troma film, so it is filled with bad jokes and cheesy fake blood I have come to love. Next, it is a Parker/Stone project, so there is a series of really immature humor that all their fans have come to love.

First of all…IT IS A MUSICAL…so let’s start with the songs.

Shpadoinkle- Probably my second favorite song of the film. For those of you that are South Park fans, you’ll realize this is the same song that plays during the “Braniff” part of the end credits of the show. This song is happy, up beat, and makes my hart as full as a baked potato. It is a great song to start the film.

That’s All I’m Askin For- Still good, still perky, still during the “happy part” of the film. This song helps to introduce you to the characters and what they want out of their adventure.

When I was on top of You- “The Love Song” This is the song that shows you just how connected Packer was to his horse Trapper Song- This song is sung by…you guessed it the trappers. In my opinion this song is a reference to the songs of the rival gangs from “West Side Story” The lyrics are well written and funny.

This Side Of Me- My least favorite song of the film…but what can you do.

Let’s Build a Snowman- This is the greatest song ever, no question. It represents the point in the film when the members of the party begin to go crazy. This song is just as weird as the title suggests, and I love it. I sing it every winter or on road trips to annoy my friends.

Hang The Bastard- A tribute to classic western musicals, but with Trey’s twisted lyrics, this is a classic too.

Some of my favorite parts of this movie are the Trappers, Humphrey’s lies, the Indianinjas and the Cyclops, but honestly in the entire running time there isn’t a moment not to love.

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