Comic Book Villains

What is to be said about this wonderful film? A lot of my friends liked this movie until the end and then found it to be offensive and in poor taste…but then again a lot of my friends still live at home with their parents and have no jobs.

This film is a tale of a comic book shop owner, and the young man who considers him the only person he can talk to, and a rival comic book shop that simply “got in to it for the money”. The two factions apparently have minor skirmishes from time to time as competing businesses, but they go to war when a fan-boy in the neighborhood dies and it is rumored he has the “ultimate collection” On the surface it presents itself as a simple tail of comic book fans going nuts…which it does in fact include, but down deep, it is a tale of greed, deception and insanity.

This movie is great for one liners and quotes, and though I give this movie an 8 out of 10, I wouldn’t recommend it to you if you want to see a Kevin Smith film.

Actually, I take that back, I wouldn’t recommend this to you if you want to see a Kevin Smith film that isn’t Clerks or Mallrats. If you aren’t a comic book fan, don’t even bother, you probably won’t like it, but if you are a fan, and have the ability to watch a movie for what it is and not try to make comparisons to everything else, you just might like it.

Yes the end is a little lax, but the director was trying to make a point…The things you own, own you.


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