Hey Girlpants!

First things first, this is something that has been bothering me for the last two years. Bothering me like an ingrown pube at the base of my shaft from which there is no relief. The trend for guys to wear chicks pants.

Recently however, the trend, like every other trend has gotten exponentially worse. When the trend originally got started it seemed it was limited to the hard core crowd. No one with a fully developed human brain can get a handle on what those fruity moes are doing anyway. I am sure if they had their way the entire world would be a giant pussy and every one would cry on each others shoulders about how good vegetables are and how evil meat eaters are, so I didn’t care.

The problem however is that A recent study shows that of 2000 men surveyed, about 45% wore woman’s jeans. I remember a time when the phrase “Girlpants” was an insult, like Hey girlpants, quit your bitching and work like everyone else But apparently now it’s cool. What compounds this problem is of the 45% of men that wear chick jeans, 76-80% also wear eye liner and other such things to look more effeminate. Since no trend can go with out a name, this is being labeled as the Emo trend, I prefer to refer to it as what it really is, the fauxhomo trend.

This isn’t a fauxhomo trend in a good way either, at least metrosexuals look presentable, take care of themselves, and have good taste, but these fuckers just wanna bitch constantly. And don’t get me wrong, I am not saying the desire to fuck men is a bad thing. If that is your thing, go for it,  my problem is that most of these fruit cakes dress like chicks, but still wanna fuck the 14 year old scene whores that hang around them.

The only reason these fuckers fit in woman’s clothing is because they are all scrawny fucking jackasses any way. It isn’t like Bowie or Iggy Pop, or the Ramones either, you knew they were skinny from years of drug and alcohol abuse, no these Village People are that skinny because they survive on beans. I do have a way to cure this epidemic though, lets get a van, tie em up, take em to KFC, force two buckets of 8 piece original recipe down their throats, and watch em squirm.  God damn it, the thing I think that pisses me off most is these fuckers are going to go to college and probably one day end up in the job market with the idea that their opinions are important. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to organize my Charles Darwin Death Squad. For those of you who don’t know, this is a posse formed by yours truly, that runs around the country with all different instruments to implement pain and killing off everyone that is going to end up being a detriment to the overall gene pool of society. We all know man has made mother nature his old whore, so natural selection has fallen by the way side. So the CDDS would bring about Selection Naturally. If you’re a jackass that pisses me off you die. That is the easiest way to put it, and since a lot of corpses would be made, that equals a lot less people in the world, and hey, all the vegetarian Moes will be happy because the environment will start to heal itself, and I will be happy because I can smoke, drink, and eat red meat with out being bothered by some bleeding heart girlpants.

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