As most of you have seen or heard by now, the internet is not a dump truck; it is a series of tubes. Everyone knows that. Duh. Hell I just upgraded to super band last week I had them install an exact replica of the Chunnel on the side of my apartment so I could fit even more tubes. God damn it, how can any one that fucking stupid be on a subcommittee to decide any laws regarding the internet. For those of you that have no idea what the Net Neutrality Act is, it started off as essentially a plan to free service providers from a unified price for how their service was delivered, and has mutated in to the horrible beast it has become. Basically now it states that if passed, the internet will essentially be split in to two different tiers, one for business and one for personal. So if you love spam and pop ups, this is a great thing for you. The easiest way to explain it is this. Lets say you love to use Google as your primary search engine, if Yahoo comes along and pays your service provider more money, guess what, it is going to be a cluster fuck trying to get on to Google. Then let’s say you finally get on to your beloved search engine, and you want to look for a good local tire shop to get new tires on your car. If Sears pays your provider more money, guess whose tire department you’ll get information on? The little guys will get forced out, fun right?

Now at the bottom of the barrel is you, the customer. You want to send a message to someone, or view a friend’s website, or do anything else that doesn’t involve business you get routed to a second tier. Eh if your message gets through, it gets through, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. No big deal either way.

Now to be completely honest, I don’t really see this as ever going in to effect, it would basically end up killing itself if it ever did. At least that is what I would hope. I would hope that people would be smart enough to realize they are being raped and quit paying for it. Then again there are still plenty of AOL users who are happy to get raped at every turn.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the little phrase Freedom of Speech will have anything to do with this. Believe me; if companies are willing to agree to pay service providers to make it easier to get to their sites, believe me, the official legal tender of the Yahooniverse is already in the pocket of more than one senator. I hate ranting about political crap, but this was more about the internet, so I figured I would touch on it.


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