I have no compassion

…for the bulk of people on welfare. I will admit that there are people that are legitimately injured, or unable to work, and for them, I am truly sorry. You are the people the system was set up for because life has otherwise fucked you and you still deserve to get by. Everyone else, shut the fuck up. My major problem is as follows. I got my first job at the age of thirteen working for my dad, AS A ROOFER!!! At fourteen, I got my working papers and spent my time between school and working as both a cook, and helping my dad. I continued working all through high school, college, and my adult life. I never got arrested, I never had a drug addiction, I never had any illegitimate children, and I generally stayed out of trouble, all because I was busy working and paying my taxes. In 2003 I lost my job, and I desperately needed help to get by until I could get another job. I went to every place I could that was hiring, and I was doing everything in my power to get a job, but I still needed help.

Because of the fact that I kept my nose clean I was ineligible for help. If I had been a minority, with a child, a drug addiction, a criminal record and a list of other problems, they could have helped me with out any problems. So basically they are encouraging the most worthless people on earth to continue being worthless. When I lost my job in March of this year, I didn’t even bother, I moved across the country and said fuck it and got another job.

If it were up to me, any one that came in and qualified for help because of the reasons they told me should just be shot, not only would that free up money and help for people that genuinely need it, it would get rid of every worthless shit that is just looking for a hand out. Fuck you get a job you lazy shit. Life is hard, wear a helmet. All your fat ass wants to do is collect free money from the state, continue knocking up your ugly girlfriend because lets not forget, every crack baby mouth gets you more food stamps. You wanna sit in your project house that only costs you a $1.95 a month and sell drugs to pay for more video games. I hate you.

Hey better yet, lets take these people and send them to those who are starving in Africa, they can eat them and solve our problem too.


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