I still hate hippies,

but I hate those commercials for feeding the children, or sending money for medicine more. I say, let more people starve and die off. Yeah, it may sound awful, but it is none of our fucking business. Yes, it is sad that people are dying all over the world from easily treatable diseases, but sending them money isn’t going to do any good. Argue all you want, but it won’t. A percentage of the money collected is always going to find its way in to some greedy shit’s pocket, hospitals will never be properly equipped, food will never be properly distributed, and water will never properly be cleaned. Heres an idea, why not take all the bleeding heart hippies and veganazis and send them to those countries to do the work. Then not only would the people be helped but the hippies wouldn’t have anything to bitch about because they would actually be saving the world. Oh wait, it is only the Earth they care about not the people on it. The veganazis would have a chance to shove their ideals on to a group of people and who knows, maybe start a whole veganazi society. Then again since man is supposed to eat meat, more than likely the people they were looking after would become cannibalistic and eat them. Hey the food shortage problem still gets solved that way.

I was watching a weekly recap of the news last night, and I saw the report of Iraqis crying that their utilities aren’t back to what they used to be and that the countries infrastructure is still fucked up. Shut up. Its real simple, we came there, and I don’t agree with it, but we showed up and took down the dictator, which should have been done with an assassins bullet, it would have been a lot cheaper and quicker, but the fact remains, we are there. You want your shit back, quit being fucking crazy. It works like this, everyone you elect is some religious fucking nut, your crazy religion should not be part of the government, if you want proof, look how shitty your life is now and how shitty it has been for the last fifty years. Worship any god you want, I don’t care, but religion does not work in government, it defeats the purpose of government and makes it ineffective. Need further proof, look at America for the last six years. George W. I want to turn the nation in to a church Bush, has shit all over everything and the entire world hates him.
Fuck, maybe we should get the hell out of the middle east and stop helping them as well, let them fall in to the same disarray as Africa. I guarantee all the current bitching will stop. People tend to want your help a lot more when they are considering eating their own hand.


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