Mad Black Canada

Bill O’Reilly’s an idiot, republicans are idiots, democrats are idiots politicians are idiots, hippies are idiots. Lets face it, anyone in any group, any group at all is an idiot. Don’t believe me, look at any discussion board that has to do with religion and features various religious groups, you got people fighting over weather god should be worshiped on Saturday or Sunday, and I mean really fighting. Look at how shitty every media outlet gets close to any election. They don’t seem to get it, no one votes any more, no one gives a shit. Every candidate spits out the same false promises than never makes good. Its like they are the girlfriend that constantly talks about how great she is at giving head, then when its time to put your cock in her mouth she just licks the tip and asks OOO You like that. No I don’t like it, suck it, right done to the balls. I wanna hear gagging and see tears.

Well I got off on a tangent there, but continuing on, the Israelis, Hezzbullah, hell anyone in the middle east, they all have to be a part of some group. Its retarded. Really. I may be an asshole, but I don’t care what god you worship, how you worship it, what color your skin is, what language you speak, or what flag you salute, you’re an asshole too. Until you prove to me why you aren’t an asshole and I accept you, you will always be an asshole.

While we are on the middle east, some one please hug Iran. They are being cry babies about the fact that we fucked Iraq, fucked Afghanistan, and then started sticking our noses into Israel’s problem with out fucking Iran. They started screaming for attention with a nuclear program, we give them a little and threaten to sanction them. Then Kim Jong Dochebag Pompadour wearing platform shoe kickin Il fired missiles to prove his threat was real. So we quit paying attention to Iran. Well now Iran’s PMS is in full swing, and they are crying they will raise oil prices to $200 a barrel. Not that that will really bother us since we are already paying $175,000.75 and 9/10 for a gallon of gas.

I think we should send Canada over there with a tube of cookie dough. Canada and Iran could sit on the couch together watching Lifetime, television for Douchebags have a good cry together, and then Canada could be like, Girl, America aint no one woman man. Look what they did to Germany in the 40s She wasn’t good enough for him so he also brought in Italy, and Japan to spice things up. You just got to accept it and love him for what he is. Now ask yourself girl, do you really wanna live in this mud hut surrounded by camels getting sand up your ass for the rest of your life, or do you want to just give up this whole thing, back down a little and maybe start doing some business that can be good for the both of you. I hate to say it girl, but if you don’t back down America aint one to back away from smackin a ho, and the way you been shootin off at the mouth, you kind of have it coming.

I don’t know why Canada was a black woman in that scenario, but it makes the point. It just seems simple to me. Iraq, Iran Afghanistan, any country in the middle east, for the most part has a shitty economy, a shittier infrastructure, shitty recourses and nothing to trade but oil. They hate westerners because we are capitalist devils and the infidel. Well just looking at it from my stand point, why not back down a little bit, realize no one gives a shit what religion you are, take their heads out of their asses and realize life can be made better for all of their citizens if they just settle down and allow commerce to happen. Look at Japan. They bombed Pearl Harbor, they were our bitter enemies, we blew the shit out of them with Fat Man and Little Boy, but they accepted western culture and became an economic superpower. They didn’t have to forget their culture to do it, they just accepted ours as well, and poof they are set.

All I am saying is hey Iran, look at Russia, they tried to fight us off and teetered on the brink of war with us as the Soviet Union, now look at em. Seriously. There is more porn featuring people from the former Soviet Union than anything else on the internet because they are so poor and so fucked they will do ANYTHING for cash now.

I am not saying America is 100% right, because lets face it, it certainly has it problems, but so far every country that has accepted its way of doing business has benefited from it. I am not really a big time patriot either because guess what, thats a group, I just know I watch the news, I see how shitty it is in some places and how nice it is in some others, it isn’t really a big question for me which one I would rather be in.

I could say, oh we should just take over the world and then every one would be happy. Fuck that, you want world peace? Fine, that is one hippie idea I can actually agree with, but think about it logically, it is only going to happen in one of two ways, we kill almost everyone off now and start over, or we just let go of group mentalities.

Really, quit being a douche.


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