Mad Mel, Beyond Hebrewdome..

In the ravaged present, a Hebrew religious gang drives the road. Complaining about shitty movies that portray them in a bad light, the religious gang protests in the face of a movie force hell bent on insulting them. ..but they underestimate one producer,Mel Gibson. When Jews upset Mel’s best friend and family, they send him into a drunken frenzy that leaves him with only two things left in the world to live for- drunk driving and Jew bashing!

O.K. For those of you who live under a rock up the ass of ignorance, Mel Gibson was arrested last week for plowing down the coast, drunk out of his mind with an open container in the car. When he was stopped, he blamed Jews for starting all wars. Now, he is trying to make it right by asking the heads of different Jewish organizations to meet with him one on one and teach him how to better himself (if they will just step in to this empty shower room and not mind the smell of gas when they get there.)

Let me make it clear, I don’t have a problem with him as an actor, some of his movies were boring and not up my alley, but he had a lot of good ones too. My problem is that he has become a real Hollywood asshole. Mel is strong in his faith, good for him, but Passion of the Christ should have never been made. Not because it was offensive, but because it was a lame ass movie. First, you know how it is going to end, second, NOTHING HAPPENED. It was just hour after hour of Jim getting beat. We get it, Jesus was tortured and killed, it has been explained.

I could be mistaken here, but I am fairly certain it has been explained so well that multiple religions are based on it, including Catholicism.

So after this movie came out, Mel found himself in the middle of an anti-Semitic shit storm. He claimed Oh I don’t hate the Jewish people, I was just making a movie and that is how it happened. Thats fine Mel, the point is you made a movie that predominantly Non Jewish people are going to see and portray the Jews as a vicious and heartless people. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly can be, just look at any activity the Israeli military has been involved in for the last 40 years, but that was all Mel focused on. Not to mention, the bulk of the people that saw this movie are easily swayed to begin with and probably went to see it with church groups. But since no one went out and crucified any Jews after the release, Mel was off the hook.

Fast Forward to last week, Mel gets shit faced and goes for a drive, when he is stopped he spouts off about hating the Jews. Now I know when people get drunk they tend to get angry and want to fight, either that or they want to hug everyone, but when was the last time you were ever in a bar and you heard some sloshed prick stand up and say, Hey, fuck those heebs, who do they think they are, not putting up Christmas trees. Who is this Moses fellow they dig so much. We are only in this war cause they started it. They start every war. My guess is probably never. Unless of course you were hanging out at the Third Reich pub just after having your head shaved.

Now Mel is begging for forgiveness, well good that is the right thing to do, but that isn’t why he is doing it. He is doing it to save his career. First of all, does it matter that he went to court for a DUI, does it matter that he will probably serve no time and receive a slap on the wrist? Apparently not, all that matters is that he realized he was wrong for what he said and he begged for forgiveness. What if the Jews do exactly what I would and ignore him? Then they are the bad guys. Mel Gibson is a douche. What if instead of getting drunk, being stopped, and spouting things off, he got drunk, didn’t get stopped and ran over a little kid? It would be awful and a terrible thing, but the headlines of him apologizing probably wouldn’t be as big unless of course she was Jewish.

God I hate celebrities.


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