I am sure Nicholas Cage has something to do with this.

Well his new ego stroking sure to be sentimental disaster exploiting sickeningly false patriotic crapfest World Trade Center opens this weekend. I know this movie is going to be total shit and fuel further my hatred of Nicholas Cage. I don’t know weather he knows this movie will be awful and he wanted the publicity, or if he was afraid it would bomb going against such big hitters as Pulse and Step Up. In case you missed it that was sarcasm. Either way I am sure he is the mastermind behind the plot to blow up planes coming to the U.S. from Brittan with liquid explosives.

I am not going to turn this in to another rant about how much I know this movie is going to suck, and how it will undeniably be a blockbuster because for the most movie goers are easily influenced sheep with horrible taste. Need proof, there were two Matrix sequels when none were needed. None. On top of that most of you never even heard of the Boondock Saints until Hot Topic told you it was cool, and that brings me to the first point of my rant.

I hate Hot Topic. I hate it. I hate the fat girls who work there and know they are fat sluts so the dress in shitty goth clothing that is to tight for them and wear black make up. I am sick of the fagot ass lickers that work there wearing some stupid t-shirt for some shitty band no one will care about next week. I hate the fact that a Ramones shirt or a Misfits Shirt costs $40 there. I hate even more the fact that they take stuff that I really love and really care about and turn it in to shitty fashion trends for snot nosed little fucks to drape themselves in.

Most recently they have done it with the Boondock Saints. I was working in a video store when this movie came out in 1999. I drove 60 miles to a theater that was actually playing it because none of the shit spewing theaters around my place had it. After seeing it I was absolutely in love with it. As soon as I could possibly get it on video, I used my connections through the store and ordered it in just so I could have it a full week before it was released on video. I talked about this movie constantly and people just stared at me. Only my closest friends who I forced to watch the movie new how good it was. It was up there with The Suicide Kings, it was just great.

Then fast forward to last year when Hot Topic got a hold of it. Now I cant go out on a Friday night with out seeing some greasy haired, crater faced slime bucket piece of shit who is just dieing to fit in, wearing one. It is bad enough they have been raping all the great 80s cartoons for years when I have been proudly sporting all the shirts I own that were actually from the 80s, but this is the final straw. I give Hot Topic on more chance to straighten up and stop being the whore of society or I am gonna start filming my own movie Hot Topic Saints. I am going to drive around the country, walking in to every hot topic I can find and killing the shitty clerks. Then I will burn the store down on my way out.

You know what else really pisses me off? Sausage links. I always get the links when I eat sausage because patties ALWAYS taste like shit. The thing about sausage links though is that they are a gamble. Sometimes you can get a really good sausage that tastes amazing, other times it has no flavor at all and tastes like shit. There should be some sort of early sausage warning system.

Any way, that is all for today. I am fucking tired.

Fuck all that.


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