I admit, it has been a while since my last rant.

First off, stop with all the 9/11 bullshit. We get it. It is five years since the world trade center fell. So what, big fucking deal. Look, let me lay it all out for you one last time. Yes 3,000 people died. It was a horrible thing for their families, but horrible shit that kills a lot of people happens all the time. We don’t hold the dates special. We don’t have campaigns to build a memorial. We don’t have catchy little names associated with them like Ground Zero or Nine Eleven.

Let me ask you a simple question. Right now can you spit out the date of the bombing of Pearl Harbor? No? Don’t get me wrong. Some of you may actually know it, but the bulk of you won’t. The point is, yes you should have paid attention in history class, but aside from that it isn’t as big a deal as the fall of the World Trade Center. Why not? Almost as many people died. 2471 to be exact, and all of them Americans. 12 American warships, and 188 Aircraft were destroyed. Not to mention it was an out right attack by an organized government which entered us in to a REAL war. All of this destruction and the most this gets is a small reminder on some and only SOME calendars.

Well let me enlighten you. The reason is that first, major networks and movie studios cant make shit loads of money off the tragedy by throwing it in your face over and over again. Every dumb fuck with a fake patriotic website couldn’t take your money by selling shirts that said Remember those who died 12/7. Most people wouldn’t know what the hell it meant. Nicholas Cage couldn’t whore himself out in a movie that claims to be the defining moment of a generation or a true story of courage. This is old stupid bullshit. All the “Where were you commercials”, and the stupid “Build the memorial” shit. Pearl Harbor has a memorial, and in fact the USS Arizona which it sits over is in dire need of repair to keep from spilling thousands of gallons of oil. Where are the commercials for that.

When will people realize this is just an opportunity for media outlets to make more money off the emotions of people. Get over it. The only other thing that has happened since then has been President bush launching in to his air quotes crusade in the middle east. Now he even admits that is war in Iraq had nothing to do with hunting down terrorists. It is all bullshit he used to make himself look like a hero and get himself elected to a second term. Standing under that mission accomplished banner like a fucking jack ass.

Here is another question to ask yourself.. The national World War Two Memorial opened in 2004, have you been there yet? Why not? Did you even know it was there, or for that matter that it was being built? People gave their lives to actually defend your freedom, they deserve a memorial. What about the Vietnam Memorial? When was the last time you were there. Do you even know what it is. Millions of Americans died in that fake war too, but unless you were directly affected by it by losing some one you loved, most people don’t go specifically to see it unless they are already in the area. Why the hell does the World Trade Center deserve a memorial? Those people were just going to work. I agree that those taking part in the rescue operations deserve to be remembered, but the memorial to the building? Come on. It is just a scam to get more money.

My final though on this is about the World Trade Center Five Year Commemorative coins. I don’t know if you have seen these or not, but they are gold coins being sold by a mint and they have a silver relief of the Twin Towers. They claim the silver was recovered for the rubble of the twin towers. Think about that for a second. Where did the silver come from? More than likely jewelry from the corpses of people that died there. You sick fucks. Grave robbery. That is what it comes down to.


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