All birth control commercials are stupid.

What pushes it way to far though are the Nuva Ring commercials. Now I have gone on and on about how I am sick of all the pussy products plastered across the tv, but this commercial takes the cake. Now first and foremost I would like to say I am all about contraception. I like to fuck, you like to fuck, every one likes to fuck, but not everyone wants kids, and it is better than abortion. The reason these commercials creep me out is as follows.

First it is a ring a woman puts inside her vagina. Fine, but imagine if you are pounding away at that pussy, you squirt your seed, pull out and have a prize on your penis. Jesus Christ I would have a fucking heart attack. Anyway, that is beside the point, what angers me is the commercial itself. There is this skinny bitch performing a poem about birth control. Just pop your pill, get your shot or put in your rubber ring and shut the fuck up so I can nut in your pussy. I don’t wanna fuck Robert Frost.

These Commercials are about as worthless as the Intel commercials with all those people dancing. They need to hire some bitches that don’t look like something I didn’t shit out, some guys that aren’t gay, and they need to take that fag with the green hair out and stomp his skull out. Him and Tim McGraw. God I hate that cowboy hat wearing homo. Stop singing songs about your fucking kids.

It’s a damn good thing I don’t own a gun.

By the way, Superman Returns comes out on dvd tomorrow, make sure you all go out and buy it so you can further prove you are a closet homo.

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