Amped Mobile Just has stupider shit.

It is hard enough to make it through every day with out murdering some one with out all the Amped Mobile Commercials. I didn’t have a cell phone until I was 21 years old and had an actual need for one. Work and family calling me as I was traveling all over the country trying to make a buck. When I bought it, it was enough for me just to have one small enough to fit in my pocket. All I wanted it to do was ring, allow me to talk to the person on the other end and hang back up.

Then came the kids cell phones. Now I can some what see this, the parents buying their sixteen year old a phone top be able to keep track of them because they know their kid is a man whore or a filthy twat slut and they want to know where they are. Then it went further, unlimited texting and bull shit so American kids can continue to not get an education and spend their entire day at school texting stupid ass bullshit to each other.

Then you could pay even more money to send pics and video, and down load music to your phone. Look dumb shit, if you want music on your phone, down load it illegally to your P.C. load it on a memory stick and plug that shit in your phone so you can listen to that shit on the bus with your head phones on and not bother me. But if you down load real music ring tones that will go off and annoy me, I will shove that phone so far up your ass you get a roaming charge every time you fart you fucking jack ass. I don’t care if you think you are Fergalicious because I don’t want to hear it. And even if Fergalicious means you are a fat fuckin twat rag that smells like and unwashed foot which undoubtedly describes you, I still don’t wanna here it 95 times between first and fifth street.

Then came Amped mobile. You don’t need to down load movies and tv shows to your phone, if you do then you also need me to rape your mouth and put a bullet in your eye because you are a worthless piece of shit. Not only does Amped perpetuate this horse shit they advertise it constantly. Listen you dumb asses, I don’t care if Amped just has cooler shit, or if you like to watch UFC and pretend like your boxing, or if you and your skanky girlfriend like to share a plan, or if you get carpal tunnel from texting so much. I don’t want you fucking stupid ass service. I don’t want to see your commercials constantly, and not every white person alive wished they were black.

Amped needs to change their name to ass mobile and offer service like getting punched in the face every time you think of paying 99 bucks a month for their service.

Now I realize I made the mistake of watching tv over the holiday weekend when I should know better than to ever turn the tv on, because if you look at pretty much every thing so far it is all this stupid ass shit it is all about tv and the stupid fuckin crap on it.


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