Fuck you T.V. Guide. Fuck you

First things first, who remembers TV Guide. You know the little book with TV listings and a few articles about shows and certain celebrities. Now they have TV Guide magazine. Fuck you.

All it is, is another gossip magazine full of stupid bullshit. Just tell me what the fuck is going to come on at what time and shut the hell up bitch.

When I am laying on the floor half drunk in my underware and I put the TV Guide channel on all I want to know is what is about to come on so I can decide if I want to waste my time watching it or not. I don’t care about Tom Cruise’s wedding, or Brittany Spears’ divorce.

Yet, with out fail they always have a panel of 47 people that can’t get real jobs and sit around masturbating while wishing they themselves were a celebrity. Give it up. I have said it before and I will say it again. Celebrities are just fucking people doing their fucking jobs.

If you go down to the local full service gas station and Billy bob runs out and fills up your tank, washes your windows and checks your fluids you expect it. If he does a really good job, maybe you say thank you and give him a dollar tip.

You don’t go home and buy every magazine you can find with his fucking picture on it and read if he scratches his ass from left to right or right to left. So why the fuck would you do it for some piece of shit that gets paid more money then you or I will ever see in their lives to do their job one time and act in one movie, or sing one fucking song.

Fuck all that. What’s worse is now the TV guide channel only runs what shows are coming on at the very bottom of the screen in a tiny little box you can barely read and most times the info is wrong any way. Shut up and go get real jobs you ass holes.

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