My rant about water intoxication.

So some people have been asking me what my opinion on the whole Jennifer Strange thing is, and why I haven’t ranted about it yet, they also tell me they can’t wait to see how I am going to burn the radio station who held the contest, KDND.

Well, let me clear a few things up for you. Number one, the reason I have avoided this issue is because I considered it stupid pop culture and didn’t want to pay attention. Second it was getting headlines every where and people were retarded about it and generally I like to attack issues that have a definite division and I feel strongly one way or another about. This morning how ever I realized while listening to the radio that this issue does have two sides and is becoming a debate. I never thought about the fact that all radio stations would eventually be affected by this and not just radio stations but bars that hold bladder buster contests as well. So now it is time for me to get involved.

So let’s get started. First of all if you are a cave dweller or just a complete moron, then you may not know the issue I am speaking about. Sacramento radio station’s morning show hosted a contest called “Hold your wee for a Wii”, the prize of course being a Nintendo Wii. The contest apparently was run similar to a bladder buster contest and the contestants were given pint bottles of water to drink at a rate of one every fifteen minutes. The last contestant to spring a leak wins a Nintendo Wii. Enter Jennifer Strange a 28 year old Radiologist who promised her kids that Wii.

Ms. Strange drank so much water she allegedly died from water intoxication. Now there are plenty of people out there blaming the radio station, in fact, that seems to be the popular course of action to take. Ten or more employees of the station have lost their jobs, and are in fact being sued over this by Ms. Strange’s family. I think it is horse shit.

First of all water intoxication is caused by the dilution of sodium and electrolytes in the brain which can be fatal, so yes, it is true she did die from drinking too much water, but she was a radiologist…some one who worked in the medical profession, she should have either known about this possibility, or have been warned by one of the other people she worked with, and trust me if she knew she was selected to be in the contest, and she had to take off work for it, she would have told others about it. On top of that, she is a mother, my wife, and my own mother are both walking encyclopedias of everything that could even have a remote possibility of causing death because they are mothers. I am sure every other GOOD mother has this same knowledge, and believe me; water intoxication would have been red flagged because of the fact that has an extremely high rate of occurrence amongst infants. In other words she HAD to know the risk.

To be perfectly honest I don’t put one bit of blame on the station. The morning show was trying to have a funny contest to entertain their listeners, and to poke fun at the ridiculous name of the new Nintendo system. Strange took it upon herself to push it as far as she did. Now I would like to point out, so you freaks can’t come back at me later with it, yes the d.j.’s did know it was potentially harmful, they probably just didn’t know why. They are radio d.j.s, not doctors; it is their job to entertain people. The d.j.s stated over and over again that if it was dangerous the human body would protect itself and would eject the water, in other words she would throw up if it made her sick.

Now that isn’t a fact, the body doesn’t always throw out things that can hurt it, but that isn’t even the biggest part of the issue. They warned all of the contestants that if you feel that this is endangering your health, or you begin to feel sick…STOP. Even other contestants have pointed that out. After 4 or 5 pints they stopped drinking, she pushed it to some where around two gallons. She was showing off, and trying to ensure victory and in the end she offed herself. Those are the facts, plain and simple.

Now that you know the back story…on to the rant. What is the real reason she is dead? Evolution. That is what I am sticking by.

For generations now we have been thumbing our noses at evolution to our own detriment. We create vaccines, and medicines to keep alive people whose bodies are too weak to stay alive on their own. We resuscitate and rehabilitate people that have put themselves near death doing stupid shit. I realize this sounds heartless, but let’s face it, for millions of years when a creature was to weak, or to stupid to survive, it didn’t. It didn’t spread its seed and cause more stupid unfit creatures to be born, and it made the over all populace stronger.

The fact remains that if she was dumb enough to drink that much water for any reason, even if she didn’t know the risks, she deserves to be dead. I am sorry for the loss of her family members, and for her children who lost a mother, that has to be awful and I can not imagine the pain of their loss, but SHE DID IT TO HERSLEF. I myself want a new Wii. I want a Playstation 3 and an X Box 360 as well. Hell I NEED a new car, and a new computer since my computer died and my car is falling apart, but X-Rock (the local radio station I choose to listen to) could wrap all of those prizes together, as well as toss in a years supply of gas, pay all the tax, and give me an extra million and I STILL wouldn’t put my life on the line. It isn’t worth it. Then again I’m not an idiot.

What I want to know is, what if they gave the contestants Gatorade or one of the many other sports drinks that do replenish electrolytes, and had medical supervision, and she died due to an unforeseen allergy, would the station and the d.j.s still be held responsible? Think about. What if it were an eating contest to see how many peanuts could be eaten in the shortest amount of time. If Ms Strange were allergic to peanuts and she entered that contest and died what then?

No, the only person to blame for the death of Jennifer Strange is Jennifer Strange for being a dumb ass. But hey, after they sue and win…which they will because some one’s head will have to roll, at least her kids will have the money to buy that Wii. Never mind the fact that the people fired will NEVER work again and their families will fall apart do to this. Never mind the fact that the FCC will crack down on this like they did after Janet Jackson blessed us all with her titty because god forbid anything ever be seen or heard that could upset anyone.

They only way to get things like this to stop is to start killing off dumb people, and since evolution has been bitch slapped by science I doubt anything will ever change. Instead we are just going to get more censorship, more ideals shoved down our throats and more campaigns by politicians who only want the votes of the bible bangers and don’t actually care about any issues.

I hate stupid people.


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