The Attack of Ignignokt

A few weeks ago Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” programming line up decided to use a slightly different marketing technique to help attack some attention. I think they did it beautifully. They basicly made 1 foot tall L.E.D. signs with the Mooninite Ignignokt Flipping off passers by. The signs were supposed to be set up in strange places and catch your eye so that you would take a closer look. It was a great idea.

Then of course cry baby bloody vaginas had to ruin it. After the signs were in place for almost two weeks some dumb shit saw one during the day on a bridge and thought it was a bomb, because lets not forget, everyone IS a terrorist and is out to kill us. So the fake bomb sighting brought the city of Boston to its knees and unleashed a shit storm so big it could only be topped by an actual storm of shit from the ass of Dom Delouise.

It comes as no surprise that organizations like FOX News and other Nazi media outlets that lick the taint of G.W. were taking the opportunity to blow it out of the water, grab ratings and further promote Bush’s agenda.
To be perfectly honest, I knew as soon as I heard about this that this would be the case, but what pissed me off about it was the fact that the two guys hired to put up the signs were arrested and accused of committing “terroristic hoaxes”. The thing is Boston wasn’t the only city that was targeted by this marketing campaign, but it was the only one that let itself be gripped by fear, over react, then try and make themselves look better by equating marketing to terrorism. It further pisses me off because this is all over…A CARTOON! “Anyone over 8 or 9 should be able to understand the dangers of staging such a stunt in the post-Sept. 11 world.” That was the exact quote used to describe why the city of Boston was being such a bitchy cry baby. Let’s think about this for a moment first of all the term “post 9-11 world” pisses me off. Fuck “9-11” Fuck people that say Nine Eleven as opposed to September 11th. Fuck all that. Look I know buildings fell and people died, but I don’t care any more. Really, if you have been reading my rants for a while you know that I have always been a critic of how every politician has benefited from it by using it in their speeches, shitty companies have been making a profit off of selling overpriced shit that relates to it, a bulk of the funds to benefit the survivors has disappeared and of course the shitty shitty shitty Nick Cage film. I just don’t care any more. Actually, wait, why haven’t I gotten any money from the charities for the survivors of the attacks. I’m still alive, I may not have been there, but since no one refers to it as the god damned attacks on the god damned world trade center and every one refers to it as a date then I am a survivor, hell I have survived September 11th every year since then.

Anyway to get back from the tangent the point is that the city is saying that it was in bad taste because every one is afraid of terror attacks. GOOD hell I say take it further. In fact I encourage you to collect 7 paper towel tubes, a can of red spray paint, some wires and a cheap alarm clock. Paint the tubes red so the look like dynamite and attach the wires and alarm clock, make it look like an old school cartoon time bomb then write “E-Rokk says Fuck You Pussy” and place them all around your city. We shouldn’t be afraid and we shouldn’t over react it is ridiculous.

Also, I feel it is my duty to be the first to say it. If terrorists were going to finally get their shit together and attack us again in a big way something makes me think Boston wouldn’t be on the top of their fucking list. What value would it provide them? They kill of the Red Sox? Who cares? They take out Crab Shops, Clam Chowder, and Baked Beans? No big shit! Aside from being a place to go to that is different than the place you’re in, Boston has been completely worthless since the end of the revolutionary war.
Sean Stevens, 28, and Peter Berdovsky, 27 were both arrested in connection with this since they were the ones who put the signs up. They were fucking brilliant and spent the whole time during questioning talking about pre 1980 hairstyles.

In the end all this has proved was that as a whole this country has become an even bigger bunch of pussies than I originally thought it was. I personally think Sean and Peter should be put on a pedestal holding their light up signs while Michael Richards stands underneath waving a free speech flag.

Fuck the fact that everyone has become so sensitive. Seriously. Fuck all that.


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