The Marine

Say what you want, I have been criticizing movies for a long time. I have a very healthy sense of culture, I love underground flicks and art films, and I get really odd ball humor. I am also a “common man” too. I like to see shit get blown up and asses get whooped. Films starring wrestlers have always amused me because for the longest time it was stuff like No Holds Barred or They Live where the performances were so over the top and cheesy you couldn’t help but love them. Then The Rock came along. Sure he was only in the Mummy Returns for about 6 minutes, but that really generated a buzz, then came the Scorpion King which though it wasn’t really a “Mummy” film, I don’t think it was supposed to be and it was still great. Then came “The Run Down” which has made my top 500 list. I know I know, 500 sounds like a lot, but if you think about all the movies out there that is only a small percentage. And it isn’t like it is some lame list like 500 greatest movies ever. It is 500 movies you MUST see before you die. Anyhow let’s just say he raised the bar. I have followed Pro Wrestling from time to time, because lets face it for the last few years there has been nothing on T.V. really worth watching aside from the Non Anime Adult Swim stuff, Comedy Central and the random TV. show. Wrestling was one of the few weekly shows that provided characters, story line, action and comedy. If you have ever watched pro wrestling you know there are faces and heels, and every once in a while you have a super face. Some one who is the ultimate good guy everyone gets behind. Obviously the first was Hulk Hogan. No one even came close until The Rock, then like Hogan you saw less and less of the Rock on T.V. until he was almost never on at all. I figured it would be at least another ten years until we saw the earliest development of a new superface, but as early as two years ago John Cena started stepping in to that role. I won’t lie, at first I didn’t care for him as a wrestler or his character, but as he developed, traded in his white rapper persona for one with more stay power and clearly defined that he wasn’t a flash in the pan I started to get behind him. Then I realized, he is going to be the next Rock. I am still unsure if he will be able to get there, but that is what the WWE is pushing for and I actually do hope he delivers. Anyway I have rambled on about all that long enough I just wanted everyone to understand I was unbiased as I watched this film. I started this before I went to bed so I knew I wasn’t going to make it the whole way through and though I haven’t seen the end yet I wasn’t really impressed with what I saw. It is a total TNT 2:00 am on a Saturday Night film. I don’t blame John Cena, I think he actually acted quite well, his performance was actually pretty good, but the movie itself was crap. If it had been made ten years ago Stephen Segal or Jean Claude Van Damme would have been the main character and it would have went straight to video. If you are a Cena fan I would say see the movie, it is a fun action film, but that’s it. I really do hope his career continues though, he has potential.


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