I hate…

Crappy porn

Bad jokes

Lame hillbillies

People who can’t spell or at the very least use spell check

People who are to lazy to speak English and say things like upair, namely people from western PA.

People who don’t grasp the concept of vowels. Instead of “shower power tower hour” you hear “shire pire tire ire”. Or heel and hill sound exactly the same as do gosh and wash. Namely people from western PA.

People who garble their words and add extra letters and instead of “wash” or “gosh” you get “warsh” and “garsh”, or you get really stupid shit like, “I like to drawl with my pencil but it also has an erasher”. Namely people from western PA.

I hate people that think Pop and modern country are valid forms of music. I hate you with the passion of 1000 suns.

I hate people that don’t know what the word ignorant means, but use it in conversation. It is kind of ironic actually because the are themselves ignorant of the actual definition. I am enraged to the point of murdering if they make it worse by saying ignarnt. I’ll kill a bitch.

Say punkin or liberry. I dare you. I will rape your mother and fuck your kids to death then I will destroy you.

People that call Double Stuf Oreos double stuffed. They aren’t stuffed in the first place you fucking jack ass. It isn’t like the cookies are fused together then the stuf is forced between the two. It is called Double Stuf because “Stuf” is the official name of the cream and there is twice the amount. You fucks are as bad as people that call all tissues Kleenex. I hate you. I use Puffs bitch.

People that think NASCAR is a sport. It’s a bunch of hillbillies turning left. I am not saying it doesn’t take skill on the part of the drivers, but it is in no way a fucking sport. Shut your stupid hillbilly mouth before another tooth falls out of it.

I hate people that think NASCAR drivers are celebrities. Just because you are so fucking lame that you can play NASCAR math and you know all the names of the drivers doesn’t make them worth while. Seriously, NASCAR drivers are like white basketball players, no one knows their names and no one cares.

I hate fat ass people that have NASCAR tattoos and go to Wal Mart at 4 in the morning and bug me when I am piss drunk and grocery shopping.

I hate all people that think Budweiser is the only beer. It tastes like shit, it smells like an asshole and it causes heartburn. It is like the McDonalds of beer. It tastes like shit but it is everywhere so fuckshits think its delicious.

I hate parents who let their kids turn in to fatties.

I hate welfare queens and stuck up bitches who don’t take care of their kids then blame all their children’s problems on everyone else.

I hate all fat white women.

Scratch that

I hate all fat people. You don’t have a disease you have to much time and money and no motivation. Lose some weight you fat shit or die and leave some food for the rest of us.

I hate women who can’t cook. Seriously I get it, you want to be equals. Seriously learn to fucking cook. Your ass is only good up till what? 35? Then your husband won’t give a shit any more and when you can’t cook a pot of noodles you’re wondering why he is fucking 19 year olds. Oh, and if you want to be my equal I can fucking cook up a storm.

People that call saying fuck cursing. To me it is regular conversation but if you have to call it something call it swearing. I don’t curse. I don’t know about you but when was the last time you put on flowing robes, grew a long white beard and cast an evil spell? Fuck that and fuck you.

I hate when people refer to underwear as drawers or worse yet drawls. I don’t wear the shit to begin with, but if I did I would keep it in the drawers of my dresser not call it drawers, you are retarded.

I hate people that don’t know shit about history, geography, political science or sociology trying to talk about their opinions of war and foreign culture. You are an idiot. You failed at life and you should die. Go back to the south.

I hate how southerners wear or fly the stars and bars and say it is about heritage, and I should know my history. Shut the fuck up hillbilly. I know my history, the south was full of lazy sister fucking ass holes that enslaved people to do their hard labor, and were to stupid to even figure out how to process their raw materials. Then when they acted like a bitchy little 12 year old girl running away from home they didn’t have a manufacturing base of their own and should have been crushed with out mercy. If I were Lincoln not only would I have complete destroyed the south, I would have taken over all of its raw materials, put all southerners on reservations and exploited their lands. Kinda like what happened with the natives. Is that enough history for you? You fly the stars and bars because you’re a hick racist who thinks the south is gonna rise again. I hate you.

I really hate people who aren’t from the south flying the stars and bars claiming it is heritage and that it means rebellion not racism. What’s next a swastika that means patriotism not Nazi. Fuck you.

I hate people that say “I support our troops but not the war.” You’re an idiot. One or the other ass rapist. I don’t give a shit what your opinion is, but if you support the troops then you support their actions and their actions are in fact the war. Other wise you don’t support the war and you want the troops to come home. So if you feel you have to put a ridiculous god damn yellow ribbon magnet on your car make sure it at least makes sense and says something like bring our troops home.

I hate soldier whores. You know girls that want a military man for the steady checks and the deployment money. Normally these girls give themselves away by having poor vocabularies, nothing beyond a high school education, and they ramble on endlessly about how they are a soldier’s wife. Shut the fuck up. Namely girls from western PA.

If after this list you still aren’t sure if I hate you or not then I do.


25 responses to “I hate…

  1. aw, it’s too bad no one gives a shit what you think. you are as insignificant as you are ignorant.

  2. It’s too bad you can’t pres the shift key to capitalize a word that begins a sentence. Thanks for your interest and taking the time to comment on my thoughts. It’s great to know you care.

  3. “I hate parents who let their kids turn in to fatties.” < this i completely agree with.
    but “I hate all fat people. You don’t have a disease you have to much time and money and no motivation. Lose some weight you fat shit or die and leave some food for the rest of us.” This statement just highlights your complete lack of medical knowledge. where the majority of people in america are overweight because of overeating and lack of exercise, there are gland problems and CANCERS that cause obesity. and why does it mean they have too much money? fast food is very cheap, and is the reason why so many people eat it; convenience. being overweight is not a sign of wealth.

  4. Look, I could go on and on about how obesity is a “disease” only because society says it is, and how technically the only reason the bulk…ha ha get it…of fat people out there have access to the poor food and lethargic lifestyle to get that fat in the first place, but what good would it do? The whole reason we’re even having this discussion is because you’re the exact reason this is considered o.k. at all.

    If you want to play the gland and cancer card on me pull some statistics. Show me flat out with medical evidence that of all the people out there that are drastically overweight are so because of cancers and glands other wise they are the exception to the rule, and the RULE is that fatties are fat because they are too lazy to get their fat asses out of their houses. If you’re fat because you’re shoving food down you’re throat all day then get a fucking hobby and do something out with your hands.

    To address your “being overweight is not a sign of wealth” comment in conjunction with your “fast food is very cheap” comment go out, go grocery shopping sometime. I mean for an entire week or two weeks worth of food and save the receipt. Then keep track of every meal you prepare in your house, every snack you eat in your house and every beverage you drink in your house. Then eat and drink the same amount from a fast food chain, I swear on your first born child it will be at least double what you spent on groceries. You want to know how I know this? Research. You’re right, I am a good bit older than you, 8 years to be exact and when I was in college as a sociology project I did exactly that.

    Got anything else?

    I am not going to fault you. You try your best to put up a good argument, but you let your ideas on concepts you barely seem to grasp cloud your presentation.

  5. I would like to say, I am a little disappointed you never said anything about my hatred for the people of western PA (three guesses where I grew up) or my “Say punkin or liberry. I dare you. I will rape your mother and fuck your kids to death then I will destroy you.” comment. Frankly I’m a little worried about the fact that the rest of my piece didn’t infuriate you. I am much meaner to southerners than I am to fatties in this bit.

  6. i can’t be mad about that, i agree with you on southerners. and what’s more, i AM a southerner. probably what you would consider to the be the worst kind because dun dun dun… I’M FROM NEW ORLEANS.
    i know i know “why the fuck would you live in a bowl.” it’s not something one can explain, or even try to. living in this city is like living in the fast lane 24/7. but i am living and walking proof, that not all southerners are rednecks in overalls. i’m rather quite cosmopolitian, and i know many many other people like that.

  7. yea yea yea, i know the people with gland problems and cancer are few in number, but it is the case for some. i’m not overweight, see for yourself.
    but it doesn’t mean i can’t be offended. i’m not saying that all fat people have an excuse; they don’t. a lot of them eat too much too late, can’t find the energy to hit the gym, and simply don’t care enough. but i bet you that if comments like yours were eliminated, they would not resort to food to cope with their issues.
    and the “say punkin of liberry. i dare you. i will rape your mother and fuck your kids to death then i will destroy you.” boys my age say stuff like that, and my guess is i have become accustomed to it.

  8. you sound like a dumb nigger with a attitude problem boy, but i tell you what come talk that shit down here in alabama and yull find your self on the buissness end of a rope in a tall pine tree

  9. oh you mean the end where you rape your sister and watch nascar?

  10. Nick from England, the country that owned you and half the world before

    Dude, think for two seconds and you’ll realise that the comment from ‘southerner’ was SARCASTIC, but no your head is stuck too far up your own asshole to notice that, the guy was take the mick of guess who……thats right you, your head, as i previously said, is stuck too far up your own ass, and you are stuck too far in your ego-centric bubble to realise you are proving you are a fucking idiot talking in stero-types.
    Oh and also support the troops but not the war works, you can support the troops and what they sign up for, and what most of the indivuduals agree with, because you have to remeber that they sign up, that don’t get to chose which wars they fight in, they are just told where to go, no matter their personal views.
    I hope in some small way I or someone might pop that ego-centric bubble of yours and you might stop seeing the world through shit-tinted glasses.

  11. Dear Nick from England, the country that lost their hold on everything because they are populated by douche nozzles like yourself,

    look man, you seem to be really obsessed with my ass and what is stuck in there. Perhaps you’re jealous of my head and wish your minuscule member was stuck in there. Sorry to say chap it won’t happen. Not because I have anything against you being the raging homosexual that you obviously are, but because I just don’t have the time what with me being a god-like being of super intelligence that everyone tries to emulate on a daily basis.

    Thanks for your comment though, taking the time to write one proves how much value you that you and everyone else places on my opinion.

  12. southerns are retards because they have sex with their family members.
    they ..and their fat ass kids are FAT because they EAT SHIT.
    The south LOST for a reason.


  13. That was awesome! I hate all the same shit. 🙂 Fuck all that shit!

  14. Do you just sit around and insult people all day?
    Seems like wasted energy to me…

    (Although, I have to agree about “drawl” and “liberry”, etc.)

  15. you are fucking hilarious

  16. I Surely agree with you about bloody southerners. And there like insect except their bothersome REALLY bothersome, And Here is some advice STAY AWAY FROM SOUTHERN BUTCHER SHOPS! A friend of mine went in there AND NEVER CAME OUT THEY CUT HIM OPEN FOR MEAT! Don’t you think that’s REALLY Sick?

  17. Duane Richardson

    You Know What? I feel the same way too! for most of my life I have lived around this type!

  18. mjjjjjd.liberry

    hey asshole. im from west pa. punkin. i like gettin books at the liberry..so shut your ass up. noone cares. thats how we talk dont like it..fuck you

  19. I was born in western PA and now I am unfortunately trapped here again. Seriously, the accent is ridiculous and isn’t something to be proud of.

  20. mjjjjjd.liberry

    hey fuckwadd. i care. did i say im proud thats how i was raised. get over it. if ya cant.. well you can just eat shit..

  21. You were apparently also raised with a complete lack of grammar training. Hey man, its cool though, no one would ever expect you to take it upon yourself to change that. Great to know you follow so closely what I have to say though. I have more drinking to do.

  22. Fuck all you mother fuckers . you all sound like a bunch a fuckin pussies you dumb fucks.guess what im from ga and i aint a fuckin redneck hillbilly im a fucking skater so fuck off

  23. fuck you bitch im from ga and im not redneck im a skater and im not racist either ive got more black friends than i do white an as for fat people i had a fat friend that couldnt help it his body wouldnt lose weight or some shit but hey i hate some fat people and you know what I HATE OLD PEOPLE MORE! BTW that shit you wrote about what you hate it was fucking hilarious though!

  24. I’m glad we agree that I’m a genius.

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