I know what you’re thinking.

E-Rokk, how would you make pro wrestling better? I know there are some of you that think pro wrestling is foolish and probably won’t care about this. Well to you I say you’re foolish and I don’t care about you. As for the rest of you, I have thought about this long and hard and here is what I have come up with.

It is that time of year again where we are heading into Wrestlemania. If you are an avid watcher you know that for the past few weeks Donald Trump has been messing with Vinnie Mac and challenged him to a match at the big show where each man has a representative and the loser of the match has their head shaved by the winner. Now as many true fans know, in actuality Vince and the Donald are actually very good friends, which makes my plan all the more possible.

Now for those of you that have enough brain cells to rub together and generate a memory of the mid to late nineties, you know that this is when pro wrestling became what it is today. I understand that wrestling has always been cool and I have been a fan for as long as I can remember, and I have a pretty clear memory back to at least 83, and for the most part what I don’t remember I have seen on video or DVD. One could argue that pro wrestling became what it is today when VKM bought out his dad to turn the WWWF into the WWF and break away from the old ways. This was an important step no doubt, but the catalyst was when Eric Bischoff assumed control of WCW and began the Monday night wars. The thing that was so awesome about the wars, was you had people on both sides that absolutely hated the other, then you had people like myself that were loyal fans to both shows. The big difference between the shows is that the WWF provided larger than life characters with out a lot of story behind them and the WCW had characters with a lot more to them. Basically the WWF had clearly defined good guys and bad guys, while the WCW had character’s that were out for themselves or characters that were anti-heroes.

The WCW put whooping on the WWF for quite sometime and eventually it caused a shift in the WWF to launch in to the attitude era, basically it was chaos and destruction and it just kicked ass. WCW fired back by putting together the nWo and of course the WWF returned with Degeneration X. In the midst of all this you had awesome characters on both shows and kick ass story lines that actually started to evolve. Then ECW started to come into the picture. I will be honest, I am a little biased toward the EC-Dub I have been to more ECW live events then WWF or WCW events combined, and have probably been to more than most other ECW fans. ECW was awesome because the had good character development and thought the stories were a little lamer than the other two organizations they still tried. Where ECW was truly a master was that they innovated new match types. The fan felt that the wrestlers were truly hungry and they were in ECW because they truly loved it, not just for a pay check.

On top of that the use of weapons had been around for a while, but in ECW they actually beat each other with them. It wasn’t as staged as it was in the other organizations, plus EC Dub had the Barbed Wire Rope match, the thumbtack match and the Barb Wire Wrapped Bat. It was glorious.

Then after 99 everything started taking a dump on itself and the only group that remained was the one that put the most money in it. The WWF came out on top. ECW was bankrupt and WCW was rapidly falling apart. It wasn’t long before WWF bought out the other two and was the only one with a weekly show.

While a lot of big stars from all the organizations were now under the WWF banner, and hell even some of the WCW belts were included (even though they won’t admit it) it just wasn’t the same. The industry needed two sides. So the WWF now called the WWE decided to split itself into Raw and Smackdown. At first this wasn’t a bad idea. It let the WWE control all of it, but still gave people opposing shows to back. With in the last four years Smackdown has become the minor league though. I still watch both shows, and even though Smackdown has some good wrestlers it is a sinking ship. Up until last year I was sure that after this year’s Wrestlemania the WWE was going to completely phase out the split show idea and Smackdown was just going to be another show the way that Heat used to be.

Then something amazing happened. I was sitting on my couch and almost shit myself when I saw the ECW was on Sci Fi. Now I will admit, it is not the ECW I look back fondly on, but it is still the ECW. The WWE is working hard to maintain the image of an under funded organization, and went so far as to bring back a good amount of the original ECW wrestlers. To my surprise the reborn ECW took off, and though it can’t be compared to the old ECW it is still pretty cool. The thing I started to notice next was that a lot of the former WCW wrestlers were being separated, moved on to Smackdown. There were still a few maintained on Raw, but for the most part, they were all on Smackdown. My mind started forming this idea that after Wrestlemania Smackdown would be transformed into a new WCW. I thought a bit about and dismissed the idea. For this to work, a few key elements would be needed. 1) WCW was owned by Turner. This presented the image that it was a corporation. It wasn’t owned by just one man and had a ton of money. 2) Eric Bischoff was the head of the WCW and played one hell of a bastard on WCW, yet he hasn’t been seen in quite a while on WWE. 3) some big names would have to be willing to return to WCW to reignite it. Being that most of the big WCW names were either retired or on TNA I never saw this one coming in to focus. I let the idea go.

Then all of the sudden about a month ago some strange things started happening. Trump challenged Vinnie Mac, and said that he knew how to give the fans what they want. He then dumped a bunch of money on the crowd. It wasn’t the money dumping, it was the words that burned into my overactive imagination. Next, Eric Bischoff comes out of thin air to announce he has a new book and he insults VKM and is “escorted” out of the building which was ridiculous. He is selling a book published by the WWE, and he is still under contract from the WWE. In actuality everyone easily realizes that he wasn’t fired, but that is how they are playing it.

So now we have the head of a company with unlimited funds telling Vinnie Mac that he can entertain the fans better. We have Eric Bischoff “fired” from the WCW, ad we still have all those WCW wrestlers on Smackdown.
I sat do the obvious. Have undertaker win the belt from Batista at Wrestlemania. Have Booker T win the “Money in the Bank” and challenge for and win the title on the following Smackdown, or hell do it at Wrestlemania. Then for the battle of the billionaires match have the Donald win and announce he is going to take Vince apart and form the WCW. He could appoint Eric Bischoff as the head of the new organization and things would be underway.

As far as all the stars in retirement or on TNA. I am sure that just like the ECW, if the right amount of money is laid on the table they could get who they need. Think about it. Stonecold Steve Austin, Mankind and the Rock have all put in appearances toward this Wrestlemania. On top of all of that, in real life Bischoff and Hogan are still close friends. I can see Hollywood coming back if to do nothing more than head up Eric Bischoff’s new personal security force…the nWo.

That is what I think should happen any how.


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