No I am not a Nazi.

What I am going to talk about today is my hatred of all minorities. That’s right I HATE minorities. No I am not a Nazi, or some dumb ass hick, what I mean is I hate people that separate themselves in order to receive special treatment. If you want to be considered an equal, BE AN EQUAL. If you need money, get a job and go to work. If you have a shitty job, go to school, or train to be better at your job. Don’t blame your shit on everything else in your environment. Stop trying to get free handouts if you don’t need them. There are people who do. If you are a fat ass, don’t bitch when you are charged for two seats on the plane. If your fat fucking ass is big enough to flow into more than one seat, you should have to pay for that shit.

I am so sick and tired of people bitching because of how shitty their lives are and blaming it on the fact that they are a minority. If your life is shitty it is your own fault. You either fucked up, were lazy, or just didn’t care enough when you should have. You want proof, that’s fine, here you go. Look at almost every other country on Earth. Most countries are in worse shape than our own. The people have no opportunities at all to advance themselves no matter how hard they work, unless the immigrate to a better country. If they do through legal means, most times they are in a better situation then they were. They bettered themselves. The have food, and a roof over their heads. It might not be the greatest, but I applaud them.

If you live in America all of the opportunities are laid out in front of you. It’s what everyone else in the WORLD refers to as the American Dream, and for the most part why everyone else despises us. Sure you can say that since I am not a minority it is easy for me to point all this out, but you know as well as I do that’s bullshit. If you live in the ghetto and your schools were shitty, so fucking what. There are PLENTY of places that offer tutors. Libraries, churches, youth organizations and plenty of other places have these services. For the most part they are financed by the state and provided to the user for free. Learn what you need to get in to college, or a trade school. If you never graduated high school get your G.E.D. There are plenty of jobs out there you can get. If you get into college, there are plenty of financial options especially if you are a “minority”. Sure, life might not be what you see on MTV Cribs, or what is portrayed by hip hop, but at least you have food. At least you are providing for those who need you and you are contributing to society.

I don’t want you thinking this is a racial issue either. I know first hand quite a few white people that are real lazy shit stains and blame all of their problems on where they grew up, or their parents, or the fact that there are no jobs where they live. Guess what, I grew up there. I went to school there, and when I was tired of working minimum wage I wasn’t too much of a pussy to pack up and get the fuck out.

I am not saying everyone even wants to live the same kind of life, but what I am saying is if there is something you want, take it. Don’t sit around and think up excuses and new people to blame for why your life is shitty. Get off your ass and improve your station in life.

I am sick of your shit.

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