Tease a vegan, punch a hippy and shit on everything.

Tease a vegan:  I know I have been on this whole I hate vegans kick for a long time, but god damn it. I HATE VEGANS. I hate all vegetarians. I don’t just mean I dislike them strongly, I mean I loath and despise them. I wish for their deaths. Recently a friend of mine walked out of a local Arbys eating a big ass roast beef sandwich, and some people from PETA tossed rotten tomatoes at him. I don’t have a problem with this just because he was my friend, my problem lies in the fact that these PETA Nazis will be revered by their colleges for doing it. If the situation were reversed and my friend lobbed a pound of bloody ground chuck at some asshole eating a carrot, everyone would think he was a douche nozzle.  Even other meat eaters would think this because it is a douche nozzle like thing to do.

If a person doesn’t want to eat meat, fine, if they want to weaken their immune system, give themselves an iron deficiency and walking around looking like a cancer victim, good for them. It doesn’t bother me in the least, if they die off sooner, maybe it will help decrease the massive problem of over population, but the minute someone gets on my case for doing it, then we have a problem. What these Veganazis don’t seem to get is the worst thing they can do is protest me, but what they forget is they are made of meat so guess what, they are already on my menu. That’s right, I said it. I will eat a vegan, because lets face it, all they are, are cows in clothing. That’s how they want to live their life, we should do them a favor and end it in the same way.

Then there is the argument that eating a vegan diet is a healthy lifestyle choice. Bullshit. Everything bad I put in my body comes from plants, coffee, chocolate, tobacco, sugar, and liquor. Wait, Liquor doesn’t come from a plant!!! Yes you dumb ass, sugar is used for fermentation, as is corn, wheat, barley, hops, and sugar are used in brewing beer, grapes are used in wine. Now I realize that if my diet were made up of this completely I would be an idiot, and the Veganazi diet does include $38 cucumber sandwiches and tofu, but ask yourself this, when was the last time you heard of anyone having an allergy to red meat. I don’t mean an esophageal problem or a digestive problem, I mean an actual allergic reaction where their body goes in to shock and they die. Never? Yeah that is probably about right, yet on the other hand how many people have fallen to the mighty peanut or any other plant for that matter.

So it has been brought to my attention “E-Rokk, you claim that you hate Vegans because they demonstrate and force their ideas on you, but you post your opinions on two different websites”. Isn’t that the same thing? First of all, That is only one of many reasons why I hate Veganazis. Second, You’re right, I do post my opinions on a couple different site but you actually have to go there and want to read them. I do not organize protests. I do not go out of my way to make life a living hell for other people, and I am not a massive organization. Veganazis and PETAphiles on the other hand do shove their opinions down your throat in magazine and billboard ads. They do have celebrities endorse their agendas, and they do react violently in the execution of said agendas. So don’t tell me they are doing that to save anything. They are doing it to fit in to a group and feel a false sense of power. If they cared about the lives of the animals that much, they would start their own farms, and grow their own food rather than rely on an industry that kills millions of small rodents every year with their threshing tools and combines, but I guess that’s o.k. though right? Fucking Veganazi hypocritical fascists. If you are to dumb to realize what I am talking about with the slaughtering of field mice and other rodents to further the Veganazi agenda read your facts. Google it.

Punch a hippy

Ill admit it, it is easy to hate hippies. They stink, they are dirty and they protest EVERYTHING, but there is something far worse. New Hippies. Now let me clarify, my friends stoner brother claims he is a modern hippie but he doesn’t do anything but smoke pot all day and play XBOX. He just likes to smoke pot, not have a job, and never shower. That is awful too, but that is not what I mean when I say New Hippy. A new hippy are these whiney little kids between the ages of lets say 15 and 22, generally kids who get in to a social studies class in high school, or a sociology/psychology/polisci class in college and think they know everything.

 For the most part these sons (and daughters) of bitches have mommy and daddy hand them everything, have no idea how the real world operates, and feel a need to complain about the evil empire. They are not oppressed, they are not deprived, and they just want attention. Setting aside the fact most of them are Veganazis, there are so many reasons to hate these people. Most recently however, I was lurking around on a message board for musicians waiting for some one to reply to my add for a drummer. I was beginning to get bored, so I decided to peruse some other sections of the board. I came across a thread titled War on Wal Mart and my curiosity was intrigued.

Now, I am not going to go off on a tangent about how ethically wrong it is that Wal Mart treats their employees the way they do, but that is something I feel strongly about. Anyhow, I clicked in to this thread and this is what I found. It is paraphrased mind you, not because I want to change what the person said, Its because I don’t really feel like copying and pasting it, and you can check it out for yourself on vocal youths website. Basically it stated I hate Wal Mart, recently I was busted for trying to shoplift from there, and when my parents found out about it, I got grounded. I wasnt stealing to steal though; I was stealing to fight the corporation. My mom didnt get it though and she grounded me. She is a hypocrite because she taught me to stand up for what I believe in, so if this is any ones fault it is hers. Obviously I was amused by this logic, so I responded with, So you’re a thief, you are never going to solve anything by shoplifting small shit from Wal Mart. I am sure your mother never told you to go out and commit crimes to stand up for what you believe in. Please shut your mouth, sell your computer, and keep your ideas to yourself. His adult response to that was Go jump in a lake of AIDS! Don’t push your religion on me man. I didnt do what I did to commit the crime, I did what I did to fight. I hate thieves, though, some kids stayed at my house and stole my moms jewelry, so don’t talk to me about theft. I felt the urge to bust out in laughter, but alas, I responded. A lake of AIDS? That’s a good one. Or maybe a sea of herpes, like the one you sailed out of during birth. At any rate, religion has nothing to do with my response. Shoplifting, especially against Wal Mart is wrong because it wont get the result you want, all it will do is punish the already exploited employees. You sir are an idiot.

He went on from their, but I really didnt care enough to continue quibbling with him, and honestly after trying to understanding his logic, I had diarrhea of the brain. The anti-corporate hippy is just one kind though. The next is the college poetry hippy. My sister, and her boyfriend are both amazing writers and poets and I enjoy going to their readings. And don’t get me wrong, there are A LOT of great poets that read at these, but with out fail there are the poetry hippies. The guys and girls that show up in bellbottom khakis with ripped up cuffs, the required Grateful Dead/Doors/ Bob Marley t-shirt, sandals, hemp jewelry and a bandana. They aren’t their to write good poetry, they are there to fit an image. They ramble on about protest and their dumb shit ideas. I look at these people and think why couldn’t they have been Columbine High students circa 1999. This may actually be the worst form of new hippy.

Which brings me to…The protest hippy. These guys are the worst. Any Saturday morning in any major city, you will find them on the street corners, or in the parking lots, shouting their mottos and waving their signs. The complain about an entire range of things. They protest just to protest and most don’t even care what its about. They arrive in everything from Lexuses to Hybrid Cars. They complain about war, they complain about corporate America, they complain about pro choice or pro life, the complain complain and complain. I can guarantee you they have not one damn thing to complain about. Obviously they have good enough jobs that they don’t have to be busting their asses at work on the weekends too. The have enough money to not only buy the wall of protest bumper stickers on their cars, but their cars as well. They do well enough for themselves that they don’t have to worry how they are going to survive day today that they can afford to worry about stupid bullshit like a war we can do nothing about except MAYBE elect a different president in two years, and I can promise, they wont be there to vote either..

What I am getting at is the next time a hippy approaches you, take his sign and beat him to death with it. If you really want to make it a party, do it while singing the song Signs and as he is laying there in a pool of his on blood, choking on his last breath look down at him and just before you stomp in the back of his skull to put us all out of our misery say, You got to have a membership card to get inside BITCH!

Shit on everything

Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Green party, they can all eat shit. Literally they should all fill their face holes with some steaming cow shit. That will keep them talking for at least two minutes. Our governmental system was originally set up with a system of checks and balances to keep everything running smoothly, and it worked. Now pretty much everyone in a political office is trying to fuck you with the great American strap-on. I am not going to go into my shpiel about how government officials shouldn’t be paid more than a third of the average national salary, you can read that rant on your own. What I am going to rant about is voters. People bitch and moan about the government constantly, then they say I am not going to vote, you don’t really have a choice man, what good is it gonna do? Grow some fucking balls. They only reason you don’t want to vote is because you don’t want to take the blame if your candidate wins and fucks up. You want to be able to piss and moan like every other asshole. If you want to change something VOTE! If you don’t like the candidates write one in. If enough people do a write in and don’t choose the main candidates, something will HAVE to change, but not voting only allows those who do make your decision for you.

Today I had an interesting talk about religion. Not faith, have faith. Please have faith, in something, ANYTHING. Have faith one day you will get a better job. Have faith one day something is going to work out for you. Or if you really want to, have faith in a higher power. No matter what any one says, have faith. What I am ranting about however is religion, organized religion. At its core, it isn’t a bad thing. Teaching people values and such, fine. Where it crosses the line is when you get priests, ministers, rabbis, whatever that feel that they should be worshiped. To follow a set of rules blindly just because someone tells you too is the dumbest thing I can imagine. Question why, ask what the end result will be. That is not questioning your faith. Ask why it is o.k. for Christians to believe that gay couples cant marry and adopt children and give them a potentially great home, yet it is o.k. to leave these un adopted children in poverty. Wait though, doesn’t your church distribute little boxes once a year to collect money to donate to starving orphans right here in America? I bet you a percentage of around 20% goes right back to the church whose pocket does that go in.

Please do not get confused here. I do believe in God, I do believe in Christ, I do live my life by a set of values that I have determined will lead me in the right direction. I will never push those ideals on you. I wont even go in to detail about them unless you ask. You wont find them in some book that has been reprinted and reinterpreted in thousands of ways. You wont find people in collars or funny hats talking about it. But then again that isn’t religion is it? Religion involves organization, someone in a leadership position and people who follow that leader. Lets take a look at some of these leaders. Pat Robertson, Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell (not the Spice Girl, that is Geri Halliwell) these guys are insane religious fanatics and Christians all over the world follow them. Sure they say Christ and Our Lord and Heavenly Father in every sentence, but shouldn’t they really be saying I and Me. That is who they want you to worship. So lets take a look here fanatic leader’s people who follow them with out question, uh oh, we all most have terrorism, what ever will G.W. do.

But E-Rokk, these guys wont blow any one up, they wont be suicide bombers. Ooooooooooooh Really? I spent a good portion of time working for event companies, running soundboards and setting up P.A. Systems. One particular event we here hired for was a Christian gathering. The very first speaker said, and I quote, Be the bomb for Jesus. His line of thought was that Christians were not dedicated enough, sure those Muslims were crazy, but at least they would die for their religion, American Christians should do the same. They should be happy to die in the name of God cause it would get them to heaven. Hmmm, replace God with Allah, and you have the exact group of people all of these televangelists are screaming about. Well hose guys and gay people. Don’t forget in a religion where God is all forgiving, we are being punished by war and natural disasters because two men love each other.

I know I am picking on Christians in particular, but no religion has gotten it right, don’t follow anything blindly, it will only end badly.


That’s it for today.



39 responses to “Tease a vegan, punch a hippy and shit on everything.

  1. you are an idiot…

  2. and you are anonymous…what a surprise.

  3. its reasons like this that make me proud to be a part of this website… and even more proud to be carrying e-rokk’s baby!

  4. Joshua Lee Grabs

    Thank you for the ammunition, Though I am Intelligent (obviously, I agree with YOU) I have a short temper. So it’s hard to formulate an opinion fast enough for my mouth to get to the finish line before my fists of fury do. Do you have anything for a sensible man with a sense of humor to direct at any Uterocentric, Estrogen-drenched, Feminazi’s? Get back to me!

    Thanx in advance,



  5. ur an asshole… how bout u keep ur thoughts to urself… i happen to be a vegan hippie nazi so to speak as u say… i am a vegan because i dont believe in harming or exploiting animals… innocent animals mind u… everyone has the right to free speech so go fuck urself asshole… get a new hobby and oh how bout a fuckin life…

  6. This is why all of you people are stupid. Your insane love of vegetables has made your brain stop functioning. You can’t spell you have no logic and you think you have a worth while opinion. You eat nothing but veggies which means you are a weaker life form and I should eat you.

  7. I like you! Please keep you thoughts coming. My favorite animal is Steak!

  8. You are the epitome of stupidity – narrow-minded, shallow-minded, and ignorant. And you think “worth while” is two words.

    You are simple. The justification for using, abusing and farming animals is that they are simple. Which means I can kill YOU which is would happily do.

    Btw, if you’re worried about over-population, then why aren’t you bothered about the fact that livestock out-number humans 3:1? And if you’re worried about looking like a cancer victim, vegans are 50% less likely to die of it than meat-eaters.

    I could counter every nugget of bullshit you wrote, but clearly unlike you, I have a life and don’t actually have more than a few minutes every day on the computer.

  9. E-Rokk, you are one thousand percent right on target with just about every comment you’ve made here and please do not let the hateful comments made by the previous posters dissuade you in any way. Why do you think it is that the vegans are all so pissed off? Probably they’re all just jonesin’ for a good old juicy cheeseburger but can’t have one…

  10. Maia and Meredith

    We just had the nightmare vegan houseguest from hell for a week and came on the web looking for vegan hate to make us feel better and that you did. Thank you!!!!!!

    Veganism is an eating disorder with a ‘moral’ high ground! Twats.

  11. Ha, very nice. The best part was the moronic vegan commenters.

    This is the first time I’ve came across this site, but it looks pretty funny.

    And I found a letter from Vegans to Growers you may like 🙂

  12. ha @ “my favorite animals steak”

  13. You are dumb. Everything you said has no truth behind it. The only reason you are hating on Vegans because you know it is wrong to slaughter animals for food and you don’t want to give up meat because of the guilt. Of course, you would miss the taste of it and you cannot live without taco bell everyday. Here:
    http://nonviolenceunited.org/veganvideo.html This should dispel your biased views towards Veganism. As for the whole being a Christian thing… most of us know that any true follower of the book would treat humans and animals with a level of compassion far beyond what you are extending. Shalom and happy easter.

  14. Christians slaughtered animals for sacrifice…and they were delicious. Suck my carrot ass wipe.

  15. i wanna fuck u cuz u so damn sexy

  16. I’m not anonymous, so we’re straight right?

    Anyway, sure, some other vegans or vegan sympathizers might call you ignorant, narrow-minded, and relatively uneducated. I might be forced to agree with them. Even though you don’t necessarily agree with some of the concepts we align ourselves with, it doesn’t mean that you can just go around making us feel stupid and worthless. It’s probably due to those feelings you provoke that only strengthens our understanding that everything and everyone has an undeniable right to carry life out the way they want. We’re all in this together, man. Don’t just go on eating your fellow humans.

  17. HaHa, man that joke you made about college hippies and Columbine left me in stitches!!! Let’s keep making fun of high school massacres!
    You’re an asshole.

  18. Thank you for updating my asshole status, I almost forgot. I mean I never realized what a dick I was. I really should stop. There. Does that make you feel better? Shut up. Yeah I guess I made fun of Columbine, I didn’t re-read the article to verify that, but it sounds like something I would do.

    Here’s the point, vegans, hippies, people that get upset when I make fun of dead people, let me ask you all this, what does it matter what I say? Vegans, you’re still going to eat nothing but vegetables and do your thing, Hippies, you’re still going to stink and not make any sense and when it comes down to it, I am always going to make fun of dead people because they can’t defend themseles and I am an ass hole.

    So far the only person who has an opposing opinion and made any sense was Josh and I would be more than willing to carry on a conversation with him. Al the rest of ou, well there is an entire internet out there and I am sure you can find some one to talk to that will be just as stupid and worthless as you are and agree with you.

  19. hey u noe wat ? uur a clear bullshiter who has no other work than hating as many people as possible . u hav a probelem in hand dude!
    consult a psychiatrist man . help ur self b4 u bcom insane!
    oops sory i just 4got ur aldready insane!

  20. wow. just. wow.

  21. i just read your part on vegans. just to let you know the majority of vegans don’t associate with PETA, i agree with you on the fact that PETA people are idiots, and your right throwing meat at a vegetarian would be looked down upon but they can get away with throwing tomatoes, it is the same way they can have an african american TV station but we can’t have a white station.

    but you are completely misinformed about many vegan facts, well in fact you just pretty much stated the vegan stereotype, do you personally even know many vegans.

    one how does not eating meat weaken our immune system?
    secondly, im a vegan, and give blood which as you know you must have a pretty high iron level, i’ve never been iron defincent(sp?).
    another part of the stereotype, that we’re all weak, pale, and skinny. im happy to say im a nonweak or skinny vegan. as for the paleness, im gonna take it up with god when i get to heaven.

    you say you don’t care if we choose not to eat meat, that your fine with it, but then you say you want to eat us. so obviously your not fine with it. us being vegan probably does make us a little more appetizing though, were not pumped with those hormones. so ill take it as a compliment.

    i don’t even know what to say to your plants aren’t healthy paragraph it is just so stupid. even omnivores agree, diets high in fruits and vegetables are healthier. just to add there are a lot more different types of plants than there are meat.

    i think your confused about what veganism is were people dedicated to doing our best to live compassionately to all sentient life. im sorry you feel so intimadated by us.
    yes many small rodents are killed in plant production eating by the human population but you want to know what over ten times that many are killed in plant production for livestock.
    im not naive enough to think that i can live in todays society completely cruelty free, but veganism isn’t about perfecting it is about ending animal cruelty within reason.

    no doubt none of what i’ve said we change your mind, but just remember there are two sides to ever arguement and i’ve seen both sides this one, and veganism is the logically right side.

    im sorry that you feel so much hate towards vegans and undoubtly me, since im in that group. but you have the right to hate whatever you want.

    have a good life, might you not always be so prejudiced.

    forgive grammer mistakes, it is not a strong point for me, undoubtly it is because i don’t eat animal flesh,

  22. hi people.. my english is bad blablah..

    I like you 😀 just speak it out 😀 i gonna tell you about why some people hate vegans:
    i know some vegans a few of them are totally ok but the most of them are thinking that they are better than other people just because of their fucking moralestuff and they look like that experienced-hardcorepierced-tattooed-elevated mind- guy stereotype veeeery often. (and sadly behave like this makeing themselfes fittig into tha fucking stereotype hm nah when it satisfies them they should do this… but for some reason this kind of people are kind of unsympathic for me very often)
    by the way: the idea of living vegan has some really good aspects but in fact: people like us who are using internet and traffic and so on are killing everyday right because of this shit we do becos it’s difficult to get out of this system yes , the shit we live in so we all are the same shit and its totally the same shit if we buy or cowmilk or our gen-soyamilk in the supermarket next to our huose so for the vegans who are blaming other people for killing: u kill too. so stop acting like you are some kind of saint because you are not even if you try.
    and for the non-idiot-vegans: go on 🙂

    some people hate vegans because unfortunately a lot of the people who indentify themselfes with “I’m a vegan” seem to be really proud of this and are showing this with vegan-patches vegan-buttons vegan-t-shirts vegan-tattoos “vegan” everywhere, what the fuck! so much shit that no one needs to make things better. and this kind of showing that you’re proud of being whatever makes no good impression to a lot of people they think: “these guys, who the fuck do they think they are?”
    and so thats no good for the people who live vegan and just want to do theyr stuff beacuse it’S their own opinion. they get hated too. so fuck u, idiot-vegans!
    by the way I’m eating mostly vegan but because it’s better for this world now and not because I mean that killing is not ok, killing is a part in life like getting born because you have to kill when you wanna eat.

    greetings from hamburg and yess… have fun and
    don’t think too much about that shit! it can fuck your mind faster than you’ll gonna recognize it :] so just do it or don’t do it there’s no more you can do

  23. why do you feel the need to bash other people just because they have other opinions other then your own? yes i am a vegan. yes i guess i would consider myself to be more on the ‘hippie’ side. that does not however mean that i am any less important then you. i do agree with you that vegans who support PETA, who throw red paint on fur coats, and who burn down buildings, ect. need to get a life. most vegans dont support PETA though, it only seems like all vegans do because PETA is so crazy and they talk as if they are speaking for the whole population. i dont support PETA in any way, and i keep my opinions about my lifestyle choice to myself unless asked about it. as for the whole hippie thing. i semi agree with you. being a ‘hippie’ can mean more then just smoking pot, not showering and complaining about anything and everything. i shower on a daily basis, i have never touched a drug in my life, and i think complaining is pointless and a waste of time. to me being a ‘hippie’ just means understanding. it means having an open mind about things and having a more spiritual side. it doesnt mean just standing around holding a sign waiting on the world to change its actually making changes in your own life to change the world. i didnt actually read the part about religeon, but i am assuming it was somehow bashing it. im just going to agree with you because i hate the overly shove it down your throat christian people. i could honestly care less about what you choose to do with your life, it is none of my business. you need to respect other people’s ideas and beliefs though no matter how stupid you may think they are. i may not agree with your ideas but i can still respect them. every person is different, no two people are going to think exactly the same. you have the right to be on here and post your ideas even if they bash other people, but you cant just say that you automatically hate x amount of people just because of their diet choice, or their religeous backround, or their ideas. some of us arent totally crazy(although i might be mildly crazy)and you could miss out on some pretty cool people by being biased.

  24. Because they, like you, are fucking stupid.

  25. So I thought I should address the fact I’m a “vegan hippie idiot” before I get it ranted at me by the writer of this, I’m sure you’ll assume I’m some weird, lentil eating, uneducated person since I disagree with most of what you said.

    You’re misinformed, would it hurt to research the facts before you form an opinion, even better, go out and have a conversation with some of these people before you spew out useless hate about them?
    You might find some are a lot nicer, calmer, more peaceful and willing to accept your views, than you are of their views. Not every vegan, religious person, or ‘hippie’ can be catagorised with your narrow minded view of them.
    I did actually laugh out loud reading what you wrote, unfortunatly for you, it’s laughing at you not with you.
    It must be so frustraing not being able to go out and beat to death some of the people who make you so angry, so whats the next best thing? The only solution must be to log onto your computer, and act like a 14 year old whos had their video game taken away, and has just discovered wikipedia and Google dictionary.
    I do love how you’ve put yourself up so much higher than everyone else, you think your way of life is right, and everyone else that doesnt follow it or agree is “fucking stupid”.

    I’ve yet to see a decent, educated response to anyone that’s decided to take you on or disagree with you on here. Which leads me to think you’re an angry spoilt brat who shouldn’t be allowed access to the internet and your opinions should be kept to yourself unless you have any useful information to back them up with, that might make one of these hippie vegan ‘weirdos’ rethink their way of life. All you’re doing with the above, is fueling their beliefs.
    Just because you can use a dictionary, does not put you any higher than anyone else in this world. Eventually you’ll die just like the rest of us, and in your case that day can’t come soon enough. 🙂

  26. you also can’t spell. Probably because your brain is warped by vegetables. I’d tell you to eat a cock, but they don’t make them out of soy. Thanks for spending so much time thinking about what I had to say to write that long, worthless response. My only hope is that you get impaled on a carrot.

  27. Pingback: I’m pretty sure hip hop music isn’t evil « footprints…

  28. wow… really wow. i didn’t realise it was possible to compare vegans to nazis. Their morals are about about protection of life and the valuing of life. you on the other hand come very close to the Nazi hatred. Honestly of all the things to be mad about you chose veganism? You have a hatred of peace, morality and happiness and i find you truely revolting. Thank God people like you are considered horrendous idiots by 99% of the rest of human kind. You need to become a vegan yourself, it can actually decrease anger!

  29. HagensborgViking

    This is the most wonderfully perfect rant I have ever read. I fought back tears in much the same way as one does when watching a patriotic beer commercial. I will now forward this piece of priceless art to everyone I know. Thank you. God bless you.

  30. This rant was sad. I don’t think all Vegans should be grouped into one nor all Meat Eaters. People should stop being so sensitive about what they eat. If people don’t want to eat meat fine if they want to fine. It’s up to the individual and people shouldn’t be persecuted either way.

  31. Inquisitor Czevak

    Hitler was a Vegan.

    Anyone who bitches at this article must be gassed.

  32. Hahaha. It was very entertaining but you’re a FUCKING MORON. Weaken your immune system yourself eating all those dead animals! Talking about dead stuff, I wish you to die and be eaten after! GO ROT IN HELL ASSHOLE!

  33. i have no problem with eating meat that is raised properly. why the hell would ANYONE want to eat any factory farmed crap! because that’s all it is! CRAP! it’s full of hormones ffs, DO YOU LIKE MANBOOBS?? the anti biotics they are pumping into these animals are causing these diseases that cannot be treated!! i am most certainly not a vegan but i do care about what i put in my body ffs.

  34. yikes! your logic is awful. why would you post such faulty arguments where other people can see them? thanks for the lulz!

  35. you are a miserable, pathetic f*ck.

  36. Awwww I think u made some vegans mayyyydddd! :3

  37. Awwww you made some vegans mad! :3 Respect

  38. I think your article provides compelling arguments. I too, hate vegans and hippies (hipsters). They are a generation of 18-25y.o. trust fund babies who have never held a job in their lives – complete with self-entitlement issues that form the root of contemporary American culture. We wonder why the world hates us?

    On that note, the vegan diet itself is a giant marketing machine that encourages an alternative diet that is loaded with starch and sugars, preservatives and no protein or iron. The food tastes like cardboard. These people are obsessed with living longer without giving a thought to the fact that BEING and ‘living’ are two separate things. They only know what’s been SOLD to them.

    I am a happy omnivore, just like my human ancestors 50,000 years ago.

    Fuck hippies, fuck their materialism (and surprisingly they are very materialistic) fuck vegans and their shit food and fuck the parents who raised this generation of self entitled-maniacs who bitch about everything in the US but live in a world where some people really do have nothing. Shame on them.

  39. Love it! I enjoy both diets. But seriously vegans and vegos keep it in church!

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