Vote for me

My next little rant here is about something else that keeps popping up all over the place. Illegal immigrants and U.S. Citizenship. If you have read my rants in the past, you know this is something I am quite passionate about, if not let me break it down for you. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE A U.S. CITIZEN. That is honestly how I feel. Not even people born here should just get to be U.S. Citizens. I believe citizenship should be something that is earned. You may be asking yourself why I feel this way, but the answer is that if it were something that had to be earned everyone would appreciate it a lot more.

So how would this plan of mine work? Well think of it like Starship Troopers. You do certain things, you meet certain qualifications, and you gain citizenship along with all the rights and benefits that go along with it. The major difference would be that military service wouldnt be a requirement the way it is in Starship Troopers. My idea is basically this. If you want to be a citizen, it doesnt matter where you were born, if you graduate from high school with good grades, I am talking at least a B Minus average, complete some sort of further education (College, Trade School, Tech School, or Military), Can prove you can speak English fluently, can prove you know American history and geography inside and out, serve at least two years in the service of the U.S. Parks department, and give blood at least twice a year if you are eligible, and are at least 18 years of age, then you can become a citizen. The benefits of Citizenship would be that you get to vote (which you would be required to do to keep your citizenship), you wouldnt have to pay taxes, you got first pick when it came to employment, your minimum wage for Citizens would be at least $40,000 a year and business would be required to hire citizens first, you would have free health care and life would generally be better for you.

Lets take a look at each of the requirements and why I chose them.

Graduating High school with Good Grades. This should be self explanatory. As of now we are a nation of idiots. Most kids cant even point out the pacific ocean on a map. IT IS THE FUCKING PACIFIC OCEAN!!! IT IS THE LARGEST THING ON THE MAP. People would have no excuse to be stupid.

Continuing your education. This takes the last idea a step further. The reason I included this requirement is so that as a Citizen you could be a contributing member of society and actually have the knowledge to properly do your job and help to make the country a btter place.

Speak Fluent English. With this one I am not being a douche, it doesnt HAVE to be English, but as of right now that is the national language. Citizens should be required to speak the national language fluently and with out confusion to be able to effectively communicate with other citizens and get things done.

Know American History and Geography- This is so Citizens actually know what it means to be an American, what their country is, why it is the way it is, and where everything is with in it. All Citizens should be proud to be citizens.

Serve at least two years in the service of the parks department. One of the greatest things this country has is its extensive collections of national and state parks. I have been to many of them in the course of my life and believe me, they are awe inspiring. If people were required to work in them for at least to years more people would learn to appreciate how beautiful this country is.

Give blood at least twice a year every year. This is a big one for me. I give blood any time I can because it truly is the gift of life to some one who needs it. This is the most basic form of human kindness in my opinion, and what is required of you to do it? Nothing. You just have to sit there, and after it is all done, you get juice, a cookie and a nap. There is no way on earth that there should ever be a shortage of blood for hospitals. This would ensure that would never happen.

Well that is all for now. I am done for today. But I have pretty much decided I am going to run for president in 2012, This among other things is going to be my platform. I will admit now that once I get in to office I am going to make it my duty to shit can everyone else in power and set up a government the way I think it should be done. They way the founding fathers envisioned.

Vote for me.


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