E-Rokk’s Band of the Week 3/28/07

After a lot of thinking I have decided my favorite band this week is Megadeth.
I own the bulk of everything they have ever recorded and I can honestly say not a day goes by that i don’t listen to them a little bit. In particular this week I get a chubby every time i here something from “Rust In Peace”.  Not only that, I know he has a rep as kind of a dick, but Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest writers i have ever heard, and when he speaks in interviews he always has at least three little nuggets that make me laugh. Now, go dig yourself some Megadeth!

One response to “E-Rokk’s Band of the Week 3/28/07

  1. I also have a band for the week/month/life. It’s called The Pussycat Dolls… i don’t give 2 shits what type of crap pop music they sing… those bitches are more fine than my sweet Irish ass!

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