Kingdom Of Rants

So now it begins, my first rant or “article” if you will on the beloved Hey Stupid.

I’m not gonna screw around, it’s time to get right into this.

First, movies I’ve seen lately.


This movie was everything that I hoped for.

I have to admit, the first 20 minutes into it i thought to myself “I don’t think this is going to be as good as I had hoped”, Well I was wrong. The movie, the story, the special effects were amazing. The movie rocked from start to finish. It seemed rather short for a “history” type movie, but all in all, it gets 9 out of 10. Kicks major ass. No I’m serious, it kicks you in the ass and the foot comes out of you’re mouth. It lets you know “you’re watching 300 bitch, so keeps your fucking eyes open”.

“Ghost Rider”

I was slightly disappointed in this one. I mean i liked the movie, but it seemed rather short, and technically, he only turned into Ghost Rider twice. The effects were kinda cool, but there wasn’t a whole lot of “action”. The movie gets a 7 out of 10. The chick was hot, and I think the coolest thing about this movie was Sam Elliot, who played the original cowboy style Ghost Rider, who rode a kick ass evil horse. He didn’t do any fighting because he’s about 103 years old now, but still, the fact that he was in this flick and played that part was freakin’ sweet.

“Going Overboard”

Wow. I wanted to go outside, and stab people while watching this. This movie, which is supposedly Adam Sandler’s first movie, was seriously the most terrible comedy I have EVER seen. Adam Sandler looked like he was about 20 in this movie, and more jewish than i have ever seen him before. He talked to the camera occasionally, which was dumb, and none of the characters were funny either. There were a few parts were I thought about smiling, and that was it. How he started his movie career with this shitty movie I’ll never know. FUCKING TERRIBLE. FUCK YOU ADAM SANDLER FOR WASTING 96 minutes of my life. 0 Out of 10. Thats right, ZERO. You don’t even get a 1 for effort. A blind Chinese midget with homosexual tendencies could make a better movie then this with no money.

Thats all for now.

– StraTT


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