Time for a wake up call!

…..Picking up where I left off yesterday, what is going on in the female world? I remember a time long ago when it would take months to get into a girls pants, hundreds of dollars worth of diner and movie dates, meeting the parents, I meet all of her friends and want to bang them all, she meets all of my friends and wants to get the train run on her, you know… Grade school shit! Now girls will give it up to anyone, anytime, anywhere. I think I may be the only guy out there that has a problem with this! I remember when sex was such a taboo that it was only whispered about in bathrooms and behind closed doors. Who do we have to blame for this? TV? Maybe! Parents? Probably! The Internet? Bingo!!

Ok lets not split hairs here…. Its all Myspace’s fault our future mothers are all whores!! You know this as well as I do. Before Myspace I had to actually have some game to get my knob gobbled on a Friday night! Now if it’s slow, I jump on, do a search within 5 miles of 15905 and instantly have a buffet of sluts waiting for some hard core JAGE action! This is so wrong! Where are girls, and I’m talking young girls, getting the idea that guys only like them for the flesh between their prepubescent thighs? Its very confusing and disturbing to me. Where is the decency anymore?

Listen ladies, and I mean really listen, guys will respect you a whole lot more if you make us work for it. We are natural hunters. Ever watch a lion in the wild stalk his prey for hours and hours only to pounce and tear the fuck out of a helpless gazelle? Well that’s how dating use to be. Guys would bend over backwards for a girl just to get their attention, he would be sweet and all that shit and his reward for all his labor would be losing his virginity after prom in the back of his dads 1997 Dodge Stratus….. um… anyway, think of the whole scene today in the same scenario, but place the lion in a zoo. No more hunting for the king of beasts, now the food is all dead and floppy and lifeless from being pounded to death and literally thrown to him. Where is the fun in that? Where is the thrill of the hunt? Girls will give it up to anyone, anytime, anywhere anymore!

So I believe its time to be a little more selective about who sleeps with whom… but hey, what the fuck do I know?

-JAGE out…


2 responses to “Time for a wake up call!

  1. Awesome, the King of skank-wrangling wants a good hunt?

  2. champkennedy

    I can’t take it anymore. Normally, I couldn’t care less about what women do. I enjoy doing my thing. But for crying out loud, every time I start getting interested in a woman, something always stops my advancements. Kids. What happened to Western Pennsylvania? It’s almsot as if women have to have four kids in order to get working papers in this state. Once I start getting interested in a woman from Johnstown, they finally tell me they have mulitple kids. What? You’re barely 22; how could you have scientifically given birth to four kids already? Technically, I guess it’s scientifically possible, but that’s still a tall order. And this isn’t an isolated event. I know very few women from this area that are childless. Unless I’m looking in the wrong places. I’m good with kids, but only when I know I’m going to give thme back to their parents soon.

    I know I usually talk about pop culture and I don’t normally discuss my observations, women, or observations on women, but this city is insane. If you are under the age of thirty and have more than two kids, stop having sex. With anyone. Even me. I’m saying that, and as The Jage knows, I’ll take anything.

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