Action Squad Assemble-Page 1


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8 responses to “Action Squad Assemble-Page 1

  1. champkennedy

    I’m in a comic book. My life is complete. Now I can die.

    Thanks, E-Rokk, for making a little boy’s dream come true!

  2. wow! do you ever work?

  3. Only on your mother’s vagina.

  4. You may have made it onto the pages of a comic but do you have your own action figure ?

  5. champkennedy

    Not yet, but I’m hopeful for the future.

  6. Eric, you are not ripped like that in real life.But fantasy is fun.

  7. Zak, you are not a real person like that in real life.

  8. I also wanted to be like Nick Cage in Ghostrider with cg abs

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