How I started an urban legend.

Ever wanted to start your own urban legend ? Here is the real life story of how I have attempted to do it….
A few days ago while visiting my parents I stumble across a bulldozer an oil company had left on my fathers land. I examined the dozer and found out they had left it unlocked and the keys in it. This is not uncommon for construction companies to do especially since the dozer was left out in the middle of 500 acres and the only way to spot it was from the air. Luckily bordom and substance abuse had led me to discover this treasure and give me the opprotunity to start an urban legend.
You see my Dad lives in a small town where news travels quick and anything out of the ordinary will spread like wild fire. So your asking yourself what is it you did ? If you visit my page frequently and read my previous blogs you will surely know of the great Denton Dumpster Dive where me and two of my conspirators found several hundred pornographic videos.
Having several hundred pornographic tapes in your possession can be more fun than what most people think. Especially when your as creative as me. What I decided to do is to pick out a few tapes (5) and leave them in the dozer along with a few other items.

As you can see from this pic some of the things I left in the Dozer along with tapes was a vibrator, a belt, some mans underwear, womens stockings, a bag of corn chips, a bannana, and a playboy centerfold that I taped to the the door using bandaids.

Your probably saying how is this going to start an urban legend ? Well I am not sure it will but when in a small town word travels quick and I know within a day or two some one in town will hear about the dozer that was left on old man Wolcotts (my Dad) property and how some bizarre sex ritual was held in it. If your going to leave your equipment at his place lock it up or you will have strange items left in it. Or people will go around saying that my Dad is one sick, twisted individual which he will think is funny and I will think is hillarious !!!!!

Picture of me after conquering the Bull Dozer and the first known pic of my new haircut.

I went today to try and find the dozer again and did not see it, so who ever was lucky enough to stumble across the items I left, I hope was shocked and decided it was no longer safe to leave any equipment on old man Wolcotts property for fear of more bizarre sex acts.
What makes this funny to me, is no bizzare sex acts took place and I could have easily started it up and done some severe damage to the Dozer and the road they were working on but I opted to not disturb anything and leave srtrange items inside. When people intown hear about this they will assume it was my Dad and the urban legend will begin.

I have just heard that early this morning a man called the “Director of farm land security” to inform him some trespassing had gone on and some disturbing items were found in the dozer. The local news paper may run a story on this later this week.

One response to “How I started an urban legend.

  1. My brother once thought putting metal in the microwave was an urban legend.
    When he asked me what was wrong with the bowl of soup he was making with the spoon still in it, i explained it to him.

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