My doggs still kick it with me.

White trash, Wrastling, and a Waste of Ten Bucks.

Friday Febuary 24th 2006, at the XCE in Denton Texas I got to witness a wrestling match.  I am not a big sports fan, and I realized wrestling is got to be one of the lamest forms of entertainment and can’t see how some consider it a sport.  Maybe the original Greek and Roman wrestlers could be considered athletes playing a sport but professional wrestling today is geared towards small children and the “Athletes” take on a super hero type persona.

Wrestling fans seem to have genetic defects, flaws, mutations, and some incestual breeding in the family trees.  The wrestling fans we saw last night displayed many of these genetic variables.  But unlike the X-men whose genetic mutations give them great power these people look like experiments from Dr. Marrow island. We saw a very diverse group of individuals last night that may only be released from there trailers when a Wrastling match is going down or they need to report to there parole officer.  Not only do you see guys that juice up with steroids and wear underwear roll around together in a so called family enviroment that evokes a San Franciscian type atmosphere .  You get to see that each wrestler has his own power, move, or combo move  like in a video game or a comic super hero.

A western gun slinger from Mexico.  Whos trademark cowboy hat and fringe chaps remind me of a gay singing stripagram.

There was Officer Mike wanna be cop wrestler will be security gaurd in 5 years.  Claims to have landed the first blow to Rodney King.

Show nuffs amazing ability is his boy’s are there to back him up.  His boys roll  strapped.

Just like every wrestler had his own ability or image, so did each one of the fans.  

This women here breeds ass kicking embryos that some claim kick harder than the wrestlers.

One of the most stunning fans we saw at the event was a boy that had a rat fused to his back much like the tentacles on Dr.Octopuss.   Robotic tentacles became fused in a lab experiment gone wrong with Dr.Octupuss. While Rat Boys  shoulder became fused with the rodent while in the womb.  His mothers ex-boyfriend was released from jail only 3 days when he sent the rat unknowingly up the wrong  orrfice of the pregnant women.  It then attached itself to the child and the two formed a symbiotic relationship

Even with the side show freaks soon to be single mothers, bi-pedal  walking anomalies, and middle aged men dancing to rap music music.  I still found this to be very boring.  I found my self  pondering the possibilities of Nanobots being secretly injected in our bodies by geo-synchronous satellites that would  make wrestling entertaining.

Then  my main man Action Jackson invited everyone on to the canvas with him.

As you can see the children swarmed the ring and I assumed that anyone could join Action Jackson in his celebration, but didn’t want to take away from his momment until Staek said I will give you $20 to get in the ring with AJ. So I jumped up there and cheered like all the true fans.  I got right behind AJ put my hands in the air jumped around patted AJ on the back and yelled “You my dawg nigga” several times then quickly slid under the last rope so I could collect my Andrew Jackson.

You can see me there in the left corner sliding out and you can see the security ready to confront me.

Some older man  I saw featured on  Americas most wanted approached me.  He was wearing a trucker style hat that said “Folk Everything” a pair of black Wrangler pants, black T-shirt,  a chain wallet in his back pocket and a large set of keys hanging from his right front pocket.  His hair was pulled back in a ponytail and goatee was full of ashes.   You have seen this guy at Pepboys, the Walmart automotive section, any biker bar, and behind the counter of the Log Cabin adult video store off of 820 or at least one of his inbred family member.

When he reached me I looked down at him and he said “You know your bigger than those kids” I had suspected I might be, but had not stood back to back with any of them to find out for sure.  “You don’t need to get up there, someone might get hurt”  He then says.

My dreams of being a professional wrestler had just been destroyed,  I should have started throwing kids over the ropes instead of slapping Action Jackson on the back.  I could easily have plucked off a few kids thrown them and yelled “Wango Tango” but I opted for the cash instead so I got my Andrew Jackson and I called Action Jackson a nigga.  Boo yeah !!!!!

One response to “My doggs still kick it with me.

  1. Wango Tango probably would have been better if you could have still gotten the money.

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