The greatest prank, I didn’t try to do.

The greatest prank, I didn’t try to do.
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Here is the true story of how I accidentally pulled one of my best pranks ever. Last week I hooked one of my cousins up with a cordless phone answering machine system. He was having problems with his current phone and he has been letting me hang out at his place. So the least I could do was provide a working phone for all of us.

So I set up the phone and tried to record a greeting for incoming calls. My cousin tells me not to record any crazy messages because he is waiting on an important call from Newt Gingrich. I agree and luckily my first attempt at recording a message is a failure. I assume the answering machine capabilities are off and leave it at that. Later on that night when I return to his house after consuming some pills and trying to get some ass I see a flashing light on the receiver portion of the phone. I mistake this to be a new message indicator go over to the phone and press a button near the flashing light. I then hear a voice say “Please record your message now.” well not even thinking about what I should say or the repercussions of what I did say. Some how I spit this out “You have reached the NAMBLA headquarters of Tarrant county. If you would like more information about our organization or your a young boy that wants to have sex with older men ? Please leave a message at the tone.” I then laughed about it and quickly passed out. The next day when I woke I had forgotten all about this incident and am sure I would have never remembered doing this if it wasn’t for my cousin calling me up several days later to tell me his my Mom my Aunt had called his house heard the message and knew for sure it was my voice and that she was pissed. At first I believed him but still had no recollection of recording some crazy message of the sort until I called and heard it for myself. Then I remembered why I had left the message.

The night before the recording took place my young cousin had been online looking for older women who like young boys and was unsuccessful. In fact at one time he yelled out in disgust “Evidently you have to live in New England if you want to fuck young boys.” because he could not find any older women in our area that were interested in young men. But when you take that comment out of context it becomes some what amusing to me. His comment was the seed that got planted in my head that lead to the crazy message being left. So he can’t be pissed at me for some crazy recording when he is the one that said “Evidently you have to live in New England if you want to fuck young boys.”

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  1. Or just live with or around E-rokk!

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