The original black people meet post.

I recently found a site called and since I am not racist and have never been with a black women I decided to join.
The sign up portion of the site was fairly simple and only took about five minutes. As you can see from the pictures the questions were fairly simple and best of all it was free.

Here is a picture of my uploaded photo. I wanted to go with a picture of my self that made me look a little thugish for the ladies. You can’t tell from the photo but the bandana I am wearing says “I fuck for money.” I know plenty of women who do this. So what the hell, why can’t I ?

Here is a picture of my info on the site for me to edit.

Finally my info as other members will see it. I wanted to be straight forward and as real as possible. I can’t wait to see how many responses I get. I urge all of you who read this to do the same. Go sign up become a member of today and start meeting new interesting people.
I will try to keep this blog updated and let my readers know of any updates in my search for Nubian love.

4 responses to “The original black people meet post.

  1. It is interesting that you say- you are not a racist. your comments show that you clearly are so.

  2. How is that D? I am not trying to be a smart ass here, but at what point does he appear to be racist?

  3. Please tell me that the mysterious D is someone of color? Please Please Please!!!! Cause mostly our posts can only be truly understood by the stupid white people that inhabit this fine land, I’d love to have a Black man… or Woman reading our useless shit!!

  4. You said it all right…you would LOVE to have a black man….pleasure you.

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