Movie View: Epic Movie

Ready? Too bad, here we go.

A delightfully cheesy slapstick comedy poking fun at some of the Bigger movies over the last few years. The Da Vinci Code, Pirates Of The Carribean, X-Men, and Narnia were the 4 movies inparticular they did parodies for.They really bashed Superman Retuns quit a few times, and did some shit poking fun at Click as well.Although the movie wasn’t “fucking hilarious” there were a few part that i laughed out loud, and it’s defiantly worth checking out…especially the Unrated version scheduled for the end of may.This review is based on a DVD screener.7 out of 10. Oh yeah…you like that? You know you do bitch.

2 responses to “Movie View: Epic Movie

  1. Dude you got to check out grindhouse !!!!!!!!!

  2. As soon as i can get it, i will check it out.

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