Reality TV?

You know, as I’m forced sometimes to watch television, which I despise, I realize that 85 percent of whats on TV now are reality shows. Some of these shows are so fucking outrageous that they cannot be real. If they are, then the United States is the dumbest country in the world. It really scares me to think that their are really people out in society who really act like that, or live their lives the way they do.

Trading Spouses…umm yeah thats great. Don’t people do that enough already? There’s no reason for it to be on TV. We don’t need to see it. American Idol…how long is this crap going to last? Some of those contestants can not be serious when they go out there and make a complete ass of themselves in front of the world. It sickens me to think that this country has gotten so lazy to the point where they don’t want to write original material anymore.

Is it possible that these shows aren’t really “reality”, but made to be like reality? If so, the actors are horrible, and the plots are idiotic.It is time for us rise against reality TV, and send it to the grave.

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