E-Rokk’s Band of the Week 4/23/07

I absolutely have to go with Social Distortion this week. Honestly, Mike Ness and the boys have been a huge heavy hitting musical influence on me for at least 12 years harking back to a time when all I listened to was Social D, Black Flag, Op Ivy and the Suicide Machines.

I spent a good portion of the weekend getting drunk and listen to music. Wait, let me clarify, I spent the ENTIRE weekend drunk and listening to music, and every time a Social D or a Ness song came up on my MP3 player I would carry on like a jack ass.

If you don’t already know who Social Distortion is you’re an ass hole, if you are one of those fucks who only got into Social D a little while ago cause you saw the shirt on sale when you were in Hot Topic paying to much for Dr. Martin’s I will set you on fire, but if you are of the masses that hear any D song at all and get goose bumps because the riffs cut to the bone and the lyrics speak the truth, then raise your glasses and help me salute Social Distortion.

Check them out here and here.

2 responses to “E-Rokk’s Band of the Week 4/23/07

  1. Take away this ball and chain.

  2. I would like to say I am currently listening to “Live at the Roxy” and masturbating!

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