E-Rokk’s Band of the Week 4/30/07

Rage Against the Machine!!!!

Fucking A right friends and true believers. Probably my all time favorite band to listen to is back and I couldn’t be more excited. Now I know what you are thinking. It is just a few gigs, it isn’t going to last, but to hell with you.

I came across Rage in 98 when I was in high school. I remember it clearly. I was over at Stratt’s house, sitting in the frigid, arctic waste that was his dad’s attic in winter, and we were huddled around a kerosene space heater playing something on N64 when I heard “Fear is your only god” blaring from the stereo. I went over and grabbed the case to the disc that was in and began to become obsessed with RATM.

With their messages of rights for all people, working class ethics and living a purpose that other bands just talked about Rage were my new heroes. Now that they are back it is like a fire has been re-lit in my soul. Hopefully this also means the end of Audioslave.

How the hell to great elements like Rage’s sound and the voice of Chris Cornell could come together and suck so bad is a question for all the ages.

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