Movie View: Eragon

Ah yes, another Lord Of The Rings/Harry Potter/Narnia type children’s book turned movie.The movie wasn’t TOO bad,but wasn’t that great either.It was way too short, and seemed like everything was being rushed.John Malkovich Played a great part as the king, even though he was probably in the film for a total of 5 minutes.There wasn’t a lot of fighting, but there was a lot of flying.Society now seems to be a little obsessed over this new “nerd” fad, where it’s cool to like knights and dungeons and dragons…I don’t know why really.I mean, these type of movies are alright, but some people take it to extremes, and theres no reason for it.Just like the 45 year old guy who dresses up like Darth Maul to see one of the first 3 awful episodes of Star Wars.My point is, they should have tried a little harder on this one.Eh, but it’s only Eragon.I hope if they ever make a sequal, they learn from their mistakes…now that i think about it, i’m glad the movie was only about 90 minutes. 6 Out Of 10.

2 responses to “Movie View: Eragon

  1. Cómo el atrevimiento usted puso a señor de los anillos y de los chronicles de Narnia en la misma categoría que el potter de Harry. El potter de Harry es un ho del asno de la perra apenas como usted. Raro. Usted tiene probablemente sexo con los elefantes.

  2. I meant that they were all children’s books before they were movies.And no, you have sex with the elephants.Besides, who the hell cares about LOTR or harry potter, the review was about Eragon.

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