E-Rokk’s Kicker of Ass of The Week 5/21/07

Scott Stapp

Sure Creed sucked ass. Probably worse than Nickleback. Sure he tried to pretend he was religious just to get the Christian rock dollar and hell he is a midget. The fact is however after not being able to get a single person to pay attention to him he is back in the news this week and all he had to do was beat some chicks ass.Not only am I an avid supported of drunk midget woman beating I think it should be put on pay-per-view. Hell, let’s get Stapp, one of the Gallagher Brothers, and some other lame musician who was supposed to be the “next big thing” but faded into obscurity when their shitty trend was over, have them get shit faced drunk and toss them in a cage. We can put some washed up starlets in there for them to beat on, or they can just wail on each other. We can get Eminem to MC the whole thing since he hasn’t done anything but bitch about Moby and remarry his ex wife about what…nine times in the last two year.

We could call it the “Has Been Bash”, we could do it every year and charge $50.00 US to get it on Pay-Per View. It will be golden.

This week however is all about Scott Stapp. Keep up the woman beating and the drinking your worthless bastard. You suck as a musician, but you kick ass as a pissed of midget.

One response to “E-Rokk’s Kicker of Ass of The Week 5/21/07

  1. HAHAH!

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