Movie View: Spider-man 3

For 2 years i have waited to see what was going to be the third, and final film of the spider man trilogy.Now before i continue, Even though it is’t much, this is what i did not like about it: 1.They seemed to have cramed too much into one film.Venom was in the film for about a half an hour total. But, 2.They seemed to have dragged out Peter Parker as being an asshole for too long.It was getting a little annoying.When he’s in the restaurant, dancing, singing and being a jerk, i actually said out loud, “come on stop screwing around.”And lastly, venom did not talk in his “venom” voice at all.It was just topher grace.He never referred to himself as “we”.Not once.I know sometimes they have to change a few things, but this time it wasn’t because it needed changed, it was because they didn’t have time.Other then those few minimal annoyances, the film was outstanding.The fight scenes were great, Thomas Haden Church did an excellent job as the sand man, and Harry on glider’s, (thats what i call harry as the green goblin) fight scenes were fantastic.Even though vemon was in the film shortly, it was still fucking cool to see him in the movie.I guess that idea of making harry the Hobgoblin went down the tubes.The movie was 2 and a half hours long, and still didn’t seem long enough.I know there are rumors of Spidey 4, but i think it’s a bad idea.I think this is enough.When venom and sandman teamed up against our hero, my first thought was “OMG this is going to turn into Batman and Robin if they do another one”, and the world DOES NOT NEED another Batman and Robin.I enjoyed the film, despite a few flaws. 8 Out Of 10.

Booya, thats all for now kiddies.So my point is, Don’t waste your time on Eragon, unless you really have no life.Check out Crank if you’re looking for some laughs, and just go see spidey 3.I mean come on, it’s fucking VENOM.

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