Hey Stupid’s Band of the Week 6/11/07

My pick for the band of the week this week is Missouri’s “Brutally Frank“. I first got turned on to the punkabilly three piece a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it yet. Their music is an angry and uncaring blend of high octane punk mixed with rockabilly and just a hint of country. Klyntt’s vocals have just enough grunt in them to convey spirit of the music with out being over done and shitty. The band has a tight sound that they themselves describe as a “50’s band from hell.”

At a time when more and more “billy” bands are crawling out of the woodwork sounding completely unoriginal and fueling what may very well be a new shitty fad, these guys are sticking true to the foundation and are just fun to listen to while getting piss drunk. Check em out.

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