Kicker of Ass of the Week 6/11/06

The Kicker of Ass of the Week this week is none other than Hey Stupid’s own The JaGe. The reason he wins this prestigious honor is due to the controversy surrounding him of the incident now known as “The Panamanian Ball Slip”. Hey Stupid! Is not only wildly popular in Panama, but the Hey Stupid! produced comic “Action Squad Assemble” is regarded so highly around the canal that it is almost considered required reading. That was until last months issue when it was learned some Panamanian printing prankster took it upon himself to super impose a testicle falling out of the JaGe’s alter ego, the JaGermeister.

The “bag’s” out of the bag!

When asked about the incident the JaGe simply said, “Who cares, they are just an exaggerated cartoon version of my balls. It isn’t like they are my real raisin skins! Hell, wanna see em?” With that the JaGe stood up on his chair and whipped out his sack for all of those in attendance at the Panamanian Press conference to look upon.

“Fuck you Panama…you’re all pussies!”

Needless to say the JaGe, though beloved was incarcerated in a local prison until Hey Stupid! could bail him out. He was sketchy on the details, but apparently he had been beloved the whole time. At any rate, his total disregard for an entire country and standing tall in the face of danger makes him our Kicker of Ass of the Week!

2 responses to “Kicker of Ass of the Week 6/11/06

  1. Él aspira a menudo los penes para los Pesos fuera de mi restaurante. Él permanecerá en sus rodillas fuera de la parte posteriora que aspira lejos en los órganos genitales hasta que él tiene bastante dinero para montar el hogar del autobús. Conjeturo que las marcas él un golpeador del asno

  2. You’re damn right he does…all of it!

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