Kla-sick Games: Vice: Project Doom


Ah here we go again.

So today i finally decided to sit down and once again play the classic NES title, “Vice:Project Doom”.Now, I haven’t really gotten very far in the game, so I really can’t tell you what the hell the game is about. I watched the cinematics, and it still really doesn’t make any sense.The game starts off like you’re playing Spy Hunter….after that, the game actually begins.Not a bad little opening for an old 8-bit game.So anyway, something about some guy is coming behind you in an alley after you tell the early 90’s dressed chick to investigate the scene.So apparently, your not the brains in this one, the girl is.So you make your way through the first stage, which I guess was the top of a city, fighting off ninjas, robot’s and birds.Heres a screen shot:


Ok, thats the train stage.Much later in the game.I just wanted to show you the randomly attacking hawk.Kinda like the cheetah’s in Ninja Gaiden that attack you completely unprovoked. I mean, that happens to me all the time.I’m walking through the city in the early 90’s, fighting off ninjas and robots then all the sudden I have to watch myself because a cheetah is heading my way.

Anyway.So you get past the actual first stage, then you move on to like a skyscraper type stage.Very hard because there are these flying pumpkin head guys that zap you with some sort of electric love, and knock you back down the ladder you just climbed up.I forgot to mention the cinema scene after beating the first stage…for some reason he calls for the chick like he did after you beat the opening stage and she isn’t there, some other random 90’s chick is.Plot maybe? Dunno.Thats all the further I’ve gotten.But Vice: Project Doom, is defiantly a classic NES title worth checking out.You can actually get different weapons in this game, like guns and swords and shit, so it’s pretty bangin’.So grab your NES, an emulator, whatever you have to play 8-bit Nintendo and do what the man in the screen shot says:


VPD: Then Eh, 6. Now:8.

This game makes NO sense.

It Rules.

– StraTT

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