Kla-sick Games: Shatter Hand


I’ve decided to start posting some articles about some of my favorite classic games.

So here goes.

First up on the agenda:

Shatter Hand

A classic NES title, that a lot of people haven’t heard of.But if you like 90’s futuristic games with basically no plot and wicked side scrolling action, then Shatter Hand is the game for you.Developed by Jaleco, this game has it all.You pretty much have your fists as weapons…you can collect artifacts (I guess thats what they are) and you can get a little circle robot that flies above your head and shoots different kinds of lasers depending on the out come of the artifacts you collected.After you get off the first stage, prepare yourself for some hair tearing action after you choose the world you want to die in.Because thats EXACTLY whats going to happen.Oh did I mention there are chain link fences you can hang off of with your amazing “Shatter Hands”? Oh i didn’t? Well i meant to. You get to fight giant robots, what appears to be ninjas and little vacuum cleaners until you do whatever it is your supposed to do in this game.I would like to tell you more about it, but thats pretty much it.I haven’t completed any other stages but the first one.So I’m serious, grab your NES, an emulator, i don’t give a flying fuck…and play Shatter Hand.It FUCKING RULES. Rating Then: 7 Rating now: 7

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