An Open Letter To Rage Against The Machine.

I know normally this site is dedicated to pointing out the stupidity of the general populace, but it is also about music, and films, video games, comics, books, and television. I choose to describe it this way rather than entertainment because those forms of media we discuss are more than mere entertainment, they make us who we are. This open letter is in no way a joke and I mean it from the very fiber of my being.

Dear Rage,

I grew up in a rather rural community and didn’t get to discover your music until 1997. When I finally did, my world changed for ever. Up until that point I had been listening to punk, rock, rap and old out law country, pretty much the same as I am now, because I loved the revolutionary messages of it all. It gave me hope that there was something beyond my door than the close mindedness of my community.

Then one day in 1997 I was hanging out at a friend’s house when this sound came from the stereo, it was unlike anything I had ever heard in my entire life and it was followed by “Turn on tha radio, nah fuck it turn it off. Fear is your only god on the radio”. As soon as the song ended I made my friend give me the liner notes so I could follow along and I listened to it eight more times hanging on every word. That night I began looking for every RATM related thing I could get my hands on.

You weren’t just speaking my language, you were speaking for me. Sure the things I was revolting against were different than what may have inspired you, but over all it was the common enemy of oppression. Free thought, acceptance and the desire to do something greater than achieving fame through high school sports and knocking up a cheer leader, these were what was being oppressed in my life. I wanted to make music, I wanted to spread a message and that was unacceptable in my community.

After that Rage became my religion, I have never gone through a day with out listening to a Rage song or reading something about them. They truly opened my eyes. Though I am not as politically active as they may have been I still support many of the same causes and I still spread my own message which is that our generation needs to wake up and get their heads out of their asses because we have become a herd of dumb, weak sheep.

Then you all got back together at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and I almost exploded. The world has never needed you so bad is it does right now. Beyond that we keep being teased that you are getting back together permanently, and I can’t take it any more.

Rage Against the Machine, I name thee the official band of Hey Stupid! And I beg you to return to being a fully functioning band. Hey Stupid! needs you, the world needs you and I need you.


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