Gayest Album Covers of all time.

There are times when you see something and just think…Man this is really gay. Even more gay than the JaGe’s list of same sex crushes. I mean so completely homosexual that you begin to wonder if just the simple act of looking directly at it requires yo u to now go out and get a rainbow tattooed on your ball sack. Well friends, if you’ve never had that feeling, prepare to now.

I present to you the list of the most Homoriffic album covers in the world in no particular order.

Well, there it is, the gayest album covers I could find. If I come across any more I will be sure to post them as well.

5 responses to “Gayest Album Covers of all time.

  1. wow.I don’t think you can find albums any more gay than those.

  2. Isn’t Leviticus putting out a new album? J/K

  3. You forgot all of Metallica’s albums.

  4. #1AmbrosiaFan

    Ambrosia’s One Eighty. It doesn’t seem that gay at first, but when you notice how the guy in the blue shirt is hugging the front guy AND how his legs are crossed…Oh man…Rainbows and Miatas for everyone. Go to the Ambrosia entry (ha ha) in Wkikpedia to check it out.

  5. The new Scissor Sisters album cover.

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