Movie View: “Transformers”


Thats right.I’ve seen it.I went to the theaters the day it opened to watch this “blockbuster” film. Well, i must say I’m quit disappointed in the story line.They used this thing called “the cube” that created the transformers.And anything it touched, became a Transformer as well.Where the hell did this story line come from?Probably from one of the latest Japanese anime series.I guess it was OK, it was kinda like their Pandora’s Box.I was really hoping for the Quitisons (excuse the spelling) so i could hear one of my favorite lines ever…”FEED HIM TO THE SHARK A CONS!”But whatever.The movie seemed quit funny, a lot of humor in this one.Which is kinda different for Michael Bay.You know, making a movie i can stomach.But, like most MB films, it was about 2 and a half hours.So I’m sure there will be a 4 hour director’s cut on DVD just in time for the sequel to arrive.The movie wasn’t really that bad.Peter Cullan has returned as the voice of Optimus Prime, and Frank Welker did some amazing voice work as usual.Though the story stripped down and kinda bland, the movie and the action scene where pretty cool.The actually transforming of the robots kinda gets annoying.They shot a load when showing off the special effects in this one.The SE where fucking amazing…but theres no reason on this earth to have a 5 minute scene of one of the robots transforming just to show off.Then later in the movie, they transform in about 2 seconds.And no, there was no slow motion.I guess this movie was more based off of Robots In Disguise then anything.It really wasn’t that bad.Great action, and comedy.Check it out.

7 Out Of 10.

– StraTT

4 responses to “Movie View: “Transformers”

  1. Your taste in movies has gone straight to hell…straight to hell.

  2. With as bad as movies are these days, this is as good as it gets.Which is quit sad.

  3. “quite” and I agree.

  4. Yup.I already went back and fixed like 12 spelling errors, i don’t feel like doing it again heh

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