Band of the Week for 6/18/06.

I know I should wait until Monday, but I am far to PUMPED!!! I have been rocking out all day to the glorious sounds of none other than Fucking Ronnie Fucking James Fucking Dio. It doesn’t matter if he is performing with Elf, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, or his own band Dio, the RJD is not only one of the god father’s of theatric metal, but he is fully bad ass. While I will always side with Ozzy on the Black Sabbath Issue, Dio made Sabbath a completely different yet still totally kick ass band on his watch.

It should be mentioned that Dio played in The Vegas Kings, Ronnie & The Rumblers, Ronnie and the Red Caps and Ronnie Dio and the Prophets but no one really cared. I mean if you can find the stuff it is alright, but it realyl reminds me of the flash back stuff in Spinal Tap before they became a metal band.

Dio Started really rocking out with his band Elf. They were a very strange electric blues band that sounded a lot like DeepPurple, which was no accident being that they toured as DP’s Opening act for years and their first album was produced by the low violet.

He played in a metal band with what is quite possibly the gayest of all names (Rainbow) and made them rock so entirely we mere mortals can only sit back and have our minds melted by it’s greatness. Teaming up with Blackmore from Deep Purple lead to th ear splitting classic “Man on the Silver Mountain”, the song still thumps just as loud today as it did then, not to mention the Hammerfall cover which also rocks some serious ass. Dio covers will continue to kick ass as I will point out.

Though not a lot of non Sabbath fans even realize that Dio took over vocal duties for Black Sabbath after Tony Iommi had a huge period and kicked Ozzy out, that isn’t to say his stuff isn’t great. Dio era Black Sabbath had a completely different sound than the Ozzy era, and really rocked out. He also brought them new commercial success as well as single “handedly” started “throwing the horns” during his performances.

After leaving Black Sabbath he formed Dio. That’s right a band named after his fake last name. And if that isn’t cool enough if you turn the Dio logo upside down it says devil. That proves that he MUST be a god. With Dio he cranked out such amazing monsters as Holy Diver (Covered By Killswitch Engage and also rocks ass) and Rainbow In The Dark (kind of covered by Goldfinger in the song Rio, and by Chester of Linkin Park) , which is an awesome fucking song no matter how you slice it. Dio is still rocking with maximum fury.

Now he is once again playing with a few members of Sabbath in a band called Heaven and Hell. It really isn’t anything new, but noteworthy.

The fact is Dio is awesome. I realize this. JB and KG realize this, it is time you fucking realize this!!!

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