Hey Stupid!’s Greatest Bands of All Time

t will be your duty to listen to each of these before you die…or we’ll kill you. Anyone is welcome to make suggestions about the list, but more than likely I will disregard them because your tastes in music are not as good as ours. If you try and act like you are so cool and know super obscure bands that you only know because people cooler than you actually do listen to them I will track you down and rape your mother in front of you.

Once we have nominated all the bands we think deserve a shot they will be judged on 10 categories:




Sexyness (playing a song from this band helps you get laid)-

Drunken Lullabye (songs you have to hear when drunk)-

Road trippin-



Staying Power-

The Goosebumps-

Once they are judged, bands scoring below a 75 will be cut from the list. Keep in mind the finished list will have nothing to do with record sales or fads. Listed by each band or artist will be one album which you must listen to before you die.

Here we go.

The final all time definitive list of bad ass artists for you to listen too.
311 311
(Everyone says Back in Black, including The Champ) High Voltage
A Little South of Sanity (The Champ says Toys in the Attic)
Alice Cooper-
Hey Stoopid (Of Course)
Alice In Chains –
Face Lift
The Allman Brothers Band
Brothers and Sisters
The Aquabats-
The Fury of the Aquabats!
Aretha Franklin-
Queen of Soul: The Atlantic Recordings (Its o.k. it isn’t a greatest hits)
At The Drive-In –
Relationship of Command
Cosmic Thing
Bad Manners
– Ska N’ B
The Beastie Boys- Paul’s Boutique
The Beatles –
The While Album
Mellow Gold
Big Wig-
Un Merry Melodies
Black Flag
– Everything Went Black
Black Label Society-
Blessed Hell Ride
Black Sabbath-
We Sold Our Sould For Rock N’ Roll (The Champ says Paranoid)
Bob Dylan-
Blonde on Blonde (but it is impossible to pick one, put your hands on every Dylan album ever)
Bob Marley and the Wailers-
Songs of Freedom (It is more of an anthology, but it still kicks ass)
Body Count-
Born Dead (A lot of people will say Body count is a better album because of “Cop Killer”. 1)Cop Killer isn’t on current releases of the album. 2) Born dead has a great selection of songs through out.)
Bruce Springsteen-
The Essential Bruce Springsteen (I know I said i didn’t want a list of Greatest hits and Anthologies, but with some artists they have so many great songs it is had to name on essential album)
Razorblade Suitcase
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry Is On Top
The Clash-
Combat Rock
Robot Hive:Exodus
The Coup
Party Music
Wheels of Fire
The Cure-
Galore (Hardcore Cure fans will argue with me, but they can go cry their makeup off)
Dave Dudley-
Songs About the Working Man
David Allan Coe-
For The Record
David Bowie-
The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
Deftones – White Pony
Holy Diver
Dr. Dre
Dropkick Murphys
Dwight Yoakam-
This Time
Elton John- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (If this album included “Your Song” “Blues”and Tiny Dancer” it would have been perfect)
Everclear –
Sparkle and Fade
Faith No More
– Epic
Party At Ground Zero
Fleetwood Mack-
Flogging Molly-
Drunken Lullabies
Foo Fighters- There Is Nothing Left to Lose (This was a tough one also listen to The Colour and the Shape)
Foreigner- Complete Greatest Hits (I hate using greatest hits albums, but in this case, you need it. Besides, it is pretty much every song they have.)
George Clinton-
500,000 Kilowatts of P-Funk Power
George Jones-
50 Years of Hits
George Thorogood
Live in ’99 (Normally I HATE live albums, but this one commands attention)
Guns N Roses Use Your Illusion I
Hank Williams-
Long Gone Daddy
Hank Williams Jr.-
That’s How They Do It In Dixie
Hank Williams III-
Straight to Hell (Risin’ Outlaw should also be heard)
Helmet –
Jane’s Addiction –
Ritual de lo Habitual
Jerry Reed-
The Essential
Jim Croce
You Don’t Mess Around With Jim (Get your hands on the import if you can)
Jimi Hendrix
Electric Ladyland
Johnny Cash
Live at Folsom Prison
Love Gun
Kris Kristofferson- The Silver Tongued Devil and I
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin IV (may be controversial, but barely beats out must-listens Physical Graffiti and Houses of the Holy)
Living Colour –
One Step Beyond
Marilyn Manson –
Mechanical Animals
The Mars Volta-
De-loused in the Comatorium
The MC5-
Kick Out The Jams
Killing Is My Business…and Business Is Good (The truth is Megadeth never made a bad album)
The Melvins –
The Crybaby
Merle Haggard-
– …And Justice For All
The Misfits-
American Psycho (Quit all your bitching, I still love all the old Danzig Stuff, but this album was flat out, powerful)
Motley Crue-
A Decade of Decadence
The End of All Things to Come
Neil Diamond-
Live in America
Neil Young –
Nine Inch Nails –
The Fragile
Nirvana –
Nevermind (some will be pissed In Utero wasn’t picked; hard call because they’re both great)
Operation Ivy
Operation Ivy
Ozzy Osbourne-
Ozzmosis (The Champ says Blizzard of Oz)
Pantera –
The Great Southern Trendkill
Pearl Jam
The Police-
The Police
Presidents of the United States of America
– The Presidents of the United States of America
Public Enemy –
It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Queen –
A Night At the Opera
Radiohead –
OK Computer
Rage Against the Machine –
Evil Empire
The Ramones-
Greatest Hits Live (I hate live albums and greatest hits collections, but this is THE album that got me into music. I found it on a park bench and it changed my life)
Life Won’t Wait
Red Hot Chili Peppers-
Mother’s Milk
Reel Big Fish-
Turn the Radio Off
Rolling Stones –
Beggar’s Banquet
Roy Orbison-
Run-D.M.C. – Greatest Hits
Shooter Jennings-
Put the O back in Country
Silverchair –
Neon Ballroom
Reign in Blood
Social Distortion-
Live at the Roxy
Soundgarden –
The Specials-
Ghost Town
Spinal Tap-
Intravenus de Milo
Stabbing Westward
Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel
Stevie Ray Vaughn –
Texas Flood
Stevie Wonder-
Talking Book
Stone Temple Pilots –
Tiny Music
The Stooges –
Raw Power
The Stray Cats –
Built For Speed
Sublime –
System of a Down
Talking Heads –
Stop Making Sense
Ted Nugent –
Ted Nugent
Toadies –
The Toasters
Dub 56
Tool –
The Traveling Willburys –
The Traveling Willburys Vol 1
Achtung Baby
Van Halen
Van Halen
Violent Femmes –
Violent Femmes
Waylon Jennings
Weezer –
The White Stripes
White Blood Cells
Wayne Hancock-
Thunderstorms and Neon Signs
Willie Nelson-
On the Road Again  (two disc)
ZZ Top –

2 responses to “Hey Stupid!’s Greatest Bands of All Time

  1. Reverend Blaze

    Dead Kennedys
    The Pogues
    Frank Zappa
    Tom Petty
    Grateful Dead
    A Perfect Circle
    The Dead Milkmen
    Alice in Chains
    Angry Samoans
    Billy Joel
    Joe Walsh
    Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros
    Junior Brown
    Lynyrd Skynyrd

  2. champkennedy

    Thanks for the comments, Reverend Blaze.

    Take a gander at Draft 2; you’ll see a few of your recommendations made the new list. Maybe more wll make draft 3.

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