Movie View: Fantastic Four-Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Though i was in no particular hurry to see this one (though i did like this film) i seen an R5 line and decided i gotta check it out.I liked this movie a lot, the special effect were cool, and the movie wasn’t too long.It’s only about 90 minutes.The 4 have to battle against a confused metal man known as the silver surfer (voiced by Morpheus) and a planet hungry Galactus.The movie was quick on the draw, and still had some comedy like the first film.It wasn’t THE greatest movie of the summer, but i thought it worth my time.So yeah, i wouldn’t run to the movie theater to see this one, but if you get a chance to check it out on DVD, i say go for it.Oh, and be prepared.There will be a third one.

7 Out Of 10. (only because you never actually seen Galactus, only his shadow.BOOOOO.”

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