Movie View: Smokin’ Aces

I actually saw this movie months ago, and it finally has hit DVD just recently.Although short for this type of film, i love every minutes of it.It’s exciting, has a great story line, and actually makes sense compared to a lot of film of this genre.Great cast, 1 man thats trying to be taken out by 7 hit men (including the FBI) how could you go wrong? One of my favorite scenes is in the elevator with Ray Liotta.S peaking of which, this makes a lot more sense then a previous film he starred in, called Revolver, thought not a bad movie, I do like my movies to make sense. So Smokin’ Aces is exactly what it’s title dictates, Smokin’! 8 out of 10.

This was StraTT, telling you what to watch again.

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