Chris Benoit

Obviously with as much as I go on and on about pro-wrestling, American Gladiators and things of that nature you had to expect this.

I am not writing this as a tribute piece, a memorial or any of that other shit. Don’t get my wrong, it isn’t that Toothless Aggression wasn’t a good wrestle, as far as actual wrestling went he was one of the best, he just wasn’t that entertaining to watch. Sure, it is very sad what happened to his wife and kid, that kind of thing is never cool. What really pisses me off though is how this is being viewed as a “terrible tragedy” and how there are so many “tributes” out there. The fact his a guy went nuts and slaughtered his family, that’s it. The truth is it has happened before and it will happen again, and in every other instance no one wrote a tribute. Beyond the initial shock no one even cared.

I read all kinds of crap about how people have all these memories of matches that Chris was in, and then all of these facts that in his last few days alive he went bat shit crazy and that they are praying for his soul and he will always be remembered not as a killer, but as a great wrestler. WHY? What if he continued his carnage outside of his house? If he even killed one person who wasn’t a family member this whole thing would be looked at differently and that pisses me off.

The truth is he died a murderer. I’m not saying that he didn’t have a great career. I’m not saying that what happened to his family is acceptable, and I am sure as hell not saying that this was in any way roid related, I honestly believe he lost it. What I am saying is that just because he is famous this shouldn’t be that big of a deal. If you want to remember him as a wrestler…buy the special edition dvd that I am sure the WWE will have out in a week. If you want to remember him as a person, then go see the poorly made rush release movie that will probably be out this fall, but stop acting like he’s a victim, and stop acting like he is a special case.

I promise you if you are reading this and you go crazy and kill your family, no one outside of the people that actually know you is going to care. It’s bullshit.

6 responses to “Chris Benoit

  1. whatever this is the most tragic thing that I have ever seen happening in wrestling. Chris Benoit is and always will be one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time dispite what he did.

  2. i haven’t said it wasn’t tragic, or that he was a bad wrestler. I just think it’s bullshit that he is being “honored”.

  3. Chris Benoit should be honored for being a great wrestler period.

  4. His honor can be being mentioned on this site.

  5. you fail to remember the great things that Benoit brought to the wrestling business

  6. you fail to remember the great things Hey Stupid! has brought to the world!!!

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