Kicker of Ass of the Week – 7/2/07

Mandy Moore’s Tits!!!

That’s right kids the newest addition to this illustrious hall of fame are Mandy Moore’s tits. Her tata’ her nay nays, her bazookas,bazoomies,berthas,big McDuffs, blouse, bunnies, boulders, bristols, Brisfits,cantaloupes,
chachongas, chi-chis, coconuts dirty, pillows, double barrels, Double Lotus Peakdroppers, dumplings, fun bags, globes, grapefruits, headlights, heavy hangers, hooters, jugs, knockers, mammaries, meat mountains, melon milk wagons, norks, puppies, rack, ski slopes, sweater muffins, thirty-eights, thr’penny bits, top bullocks, tweeters, twin mounds, twin peaks, twins, ultra jumblies, valley makers, woo woos, yummy mummy mams, za-zas. Her fucking titties!!!.


Now I know everyone thinks that of all the pop princess puppies Jessica Simpsons tits hold the title, and while I beat off to them at least three times a week as well, for me she really corners the leg market the way the Christina holds the honor of being asstastic. I Honestly feel that miss Moore’s mammaries are at the top of the flesh heap. So perky and yummylicious, yet approachable. And as far as nipples go, just look at the example below.


Sweet yummy nipples!

They are just like fine ripe raspberries, or perhaps delicious sno-caps…either way I want them in my mouth. So here’s to you Mandy Moore’s tits. You kick my ass. (and chap my cock when I run out of lotion!!!)


If anyone would like to argue my decision, I encourage you to have Mandy and any pop diva who wishes to challenge to show up at the Hey Stupid! offices and prepare for an extensive examination!

One response to “Kicker of Ass of the Week – 7/2/07

  1. I like Mandy’s nipples a lot. When she was about 16, it was easy to see her in sheer clothing, sans bra. She had very puffy areolas and when her nipples were erect, they could be borderline obscene. Now, bless her beautiful heart, she has a movie where she masturbates to orgasm while using a cucumber as a dildo. I think I’m in love.

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