and now…I’m angry.

I know I haven’t written a good old fashion rant in quite a while, but the truth is all of the shit all of you people have been doing has been bothering me so that the only way to numb the pain was to drink myself into virtual retardation everyday for the last month. Well I’m back and its time to unload. Be prepared.

Fuck you sluts- It never fails that EVERY single day myspace finds a new way to ruin my existence. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go looking for the trouble, I have lost all hope on it and only use it strictly for free advertising of this site and a few other projects. I don’t bother to talk to or associate with any of the VAST array of shit for brains, douche bags that hang out on there. Problem is I still notice stuff. Like this current trend of slutty bitches post “Wife” all over their profiles like “Wife Me” instead of “Add Me” or referring to themselves as someone’s “wifey” even though they have only been together for a few days. Listen up you dumb bitches, the truth is you’re a fucking skank. You are all the same whores that in high school would spread for any douche wearing school colors and calling himself a jock. Then you probably went through a period where you would only fuck black or hispanic dudes to prove what a “bad ass bitch” you were. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that inter-racial relationships are a bad thing, but the dudes you were fucking were only acting like there were bad ass and were probably lamer than all the white dudes sitting at home in their mother’s basements playing D&D.

So now what, you’ve moved on to straight prostitution right. I mean let’s be honest, you’re still a dirty fucking skank, but now you fuck for money. Oh sure, maybe you don’t fuck a different guy every night, but the guy you do fuck is only because he has way to much money on his hands (usually inherited or won because if they earned it you wouldn’t get your grubby bitch paws on it) and because he is usually fat or two decades older than you, a complete nerd or the owner of a small penis…or all of the above, he showers you with goodies. But you go on for hours about how you’re marrying the perfect guy and put up all kinds of wedding themed pictures and quotes, even though only a few weeks prior they were all pics of you being a slut and quotes about how much you like to get fucked by strangers.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I were only making fun of one person, but you all know as well as I do that I’m not. This is unfortunately a growing trend and I hate it. I will beat you all to death with my bare hands. Fuck you sluts.

Miniskirts are awesome…but not for fatties- I love to see women in miniskirts. Miniskirts are perhaps the single hottest form of female clothing ever invented, however if you find you must squeeze your disgusting leg fat together to fit into one you probably shouldn’t wear it. Seriously, why do fat girls keep trying to be sexy. Sure there is that small percentage of the population that likes to bone fatties, but the rest of us find you gross. Trust me, this isn’t just me being a complete dick, the truth is if you look nasty in something, don’t wear it. Fatties in tight/revealing clothing are the definition of indecent exposure. It isn’t that you should stay home and lock yourself behind closed door with a “fatty zoo” sign on your front lawn, just don’t be gross. Guys aren’t fucking you because you aren’t dressing slutty enough, guys aren’t fucking you because you weigh a metric ton. If Chris Benoit were here he would have probably murdered you too.

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